Family Then and Now


Growing up I lived with my mom and my stepdad.  During that time, we were trying to get my mom’s side of the family to move to Houston, Texas from Indianapolis, Indiana.  One by one, my uncles and Papa began to move down here.  All but one of my uncles on my mom’s side now live in the Houston area.


When I am home on holidays from Baylor, I live with my mother.  We still live in the Houston area, although we have recently moved to another part of the suburb.  At home, we have three cats and one that travels to and from school with me.  There are several feral cats in the neighborhood that we like to feed and check on.

I have three uncles: one that lives down the road, one that lives in Hockley, Texas, and one that remains in Indiana with his family.  Kyle, who is closest geographically to us, has five kids so we like to call his family the Super Seven!  The uncle that lives in Hockley with his wife is Travis and they have one son.  Finally, Uncle Bobby, his wife and son live in Indiana.

Below is a picture of my grandpa and myself.  This picture was taken February of 2015, so it’s been a couple of years since it was taken.