All about me…


In elementary school, I was a very happy child.  I did my sports and I went to school.  I was friends with everyone and loved to talk.  All of my teachers loved me because I payed attention in class and made good grades.

In middle school, I found my love for track and stuck to myself.  I was doing well in my classes and I was excelling in sports.  I worked out a ton in hopes to become really good.  It was during these years that I hurt my foot and required surgery to fix the problem.  That surgery took me out of the game for a bit, long enough to throw off ratings and ability.  After that, I got a personal trainer to get me back into my tip-top shape.  I had this trainer for about a year.

In high school, I kept up with track and maintained my grades.  I also started to realize that I needed to get involved with other organizations so that when I applied to college, my application looked good.  To do that, I applied and was one of two from my high school to get into the Leadership High School program.  This program took place during junior year and incorporated people from different high schools.  The programs goal was to show and teach us different types of leadership in different settings.  We went to an airport, a police station, the Tomball, Texas mayor office, and many more places.  All these places informed us on what it is they do and how leadership plays a role in it.

I was in a number of organizations throughout high school. A couple of them include:

  • National Honor Society
  • Leadership High School
  • Track and Field (Varsity level)
  • And out of school work

All of these plus others helped to make me knowledgeable about leadership, responsibility, and time management.