Welcome to my site!

Within this site, there are several different page options for you to look at.  These include: About-where you can find out more about me, Family-a deeper look into the ones close to me, Organizations and Volunteer work-things I like to do in my spare time, Work experience-interconnecting between my high school years and now, and finally a Blogs page.  The transition from page to page will be like a progression from childhood up to college.  I set it up that way so that the reader can follow my life as I did when I was going through it.

While reading this information that I have posted, the reader will see how I have progressed to where I am now.  The reader will also see where I am now in this stage life.  The reader will also see where I want to go along with how I plan on getting there.  There are several plans ahead, one by one, they will be laid out.  I hope you find this information intriguing!