Track and Field

This was the biggest, most constant thing in my life for roughly six years.  When I started out, I bounced around doing several different events.  I was mainly a sprinter, the longest distance I would do without resisting, was the 800 meter run.  Although after a year, I started to narrow down what events I […]

Childhood sports

Growing up I was constantly doing a sport.  There it were several seasons of soccer, a season of volleyball and basketball, even some roller hockey.  As you can probably guess from my several seasons of soccer, it was my favorite.  I think that I enjoyed it so much because it was fun to kick the […]

Christmas on 5th

Baylor does a Christmas on 5th event each year.  This year’s event was a lot different than last years.  I primarily went so that I could record a video of two of my roommates singing in the multicultural languages concert.  After that concert we went and walked around fountain mall to see all that they […]

Fall Break 2017

ITS BEEN A YEAR!  One whole year since last year’s fall break trip.  This year there was only one fall break trip offered with the OA (Outdoor Adventure) group.  For this trip, there were four staff members going on this trip with six students.  The staff members were the programs graduate assistant, a senior guide, […]