Student Success

Leonard Falcone International Euphonium and Tuba Competition
Chase Teachey, Semi-Finalist (Artist Euphonium)

Preston Arnold, Semi-Finalist (Student Euphonium)

Brianna Compton, Semi-Finalist (Artist Tuba)
Ethan Gordon, Semi-Finalist (Student Tuba)

Brianna Compton, Semi-Finalist (Artist Tuba)

Michael Church, Semi-Finalist (Artist Tuba)

Jacob Moore, First Alternate (Artist Tuba)

Angel Elizondo, Semi-Finalist (Artist Euphonium)
Brianna Compton, Alternate (Student Tuba)

Zach Bridges, First Place (Student Tuba)
Zach Graff, Semi-Finalist (Artist Tuba)

Clay Garrett, First Place (Artist Tuba)
Kevin Butler, Semi-Finalist (Artist Tuba)

Clay Garrett, Third Place (Artist Tuba)
Kevin Butler, Semi-Finalist (Artist Tuba)
Matthew Shipes, Semi-Finalist (Artist Euphonium)

ITEA Competitions
2017 South Central Conference (University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley)
Dillon Jefferies – Second Place in the orchestra excerpts competition
Josh Mistrot – Third Place in Student Euphonium Solo competition

2015 South Central Conference (University of Central Arkansas)
Michael Church – Finalist in the orchestral excerpts competition
Brianna Compton – Third Place in Artist Tuba solo competition
Baylor University Tuba-Euphonium Quartet – Second Place in Chamber Music Competition
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset(Left to right: Michael Church, Oscar Cruz, Anne Smith, Brianna Compton)

2014 International Tuba-Euphonium Conference (Indiana University)
Zach Bridges – Semi-Finalist in Artist Tuba Solo Competition; Semi-Finalist in Arnold Jacobs Mock Orchestra Audition
Anne Smith – Semi-Finalist in Artist Euphonium Solo Competition

2013 South Central Conference (Louisiana State University)
Brianna Compton – Second Place in Student Tuba solo competition
Chalimos Quartet (Caitlin Adams, Brianna Compton, Corey Durham, Spencer Morris) – 3rd Place in chamber music competition

2011 South Central Conference (Baylor University)
Zach Graff – First Place in Tuba Artist solo competition
Zach Bridges – Second Place in Tuba Student solo competition; Semi-Finalist in Artist Tuba solo competition

2010 International Conference (University of Arizona)
Clay Garrett – Finalist in Artist Tuba solo competition

Acceptance into Summer Orchestra Festivals

Reid Cox – World Youth Wind Orchestra Project
Benjamin Kauffman – Texas Music Festival and Eastern Music Festival

Dillon Jefferies – Fresno Summer Orchestra and Opera Academy

Austin Crumrine – Hot Springs Music Festival
Dillon Jefferies – Round Top Festival Institute
Ben Kauffman – Eastern Music Festival
Josh Mistrot – World Youth Wind Orchestra Project

Brianna Compton – Brevard Music Center
a winner of the festival’s concerto competition!

Dillon Jefferies – Round Top Festival Institute
Brianna Compton – Camp-of-the-Woods orchestra

Brianna Compton – National Music Festival

Zach Bridges – Miami Summer Music Festival
Brianna Compton – Hot Springs Music Festival

Zach Bridges – Brevard Music Center; National Music Festival
Brianna Compton – Eastern Music Festival

Zach Bridges – Texas Music Festival

Kevin Butler – Round Top Music Festival
Zach Bridges – Sewanee Music Festival

Zach Graff – Music Academy of the West
Zach Bridges – Texas Music Festival (2nd tuba)

Baylor School of Music Concerto Competition
Every year two brass students advance from the preliminary round (all brass studios) to the final round of the concerto competition, where they compete against finalists from all the other performance areas.  We have been well-represented by the following finalists from the tuba/euphonium studio!
2020 – Chase Windmueller, euphonium (Symphonic Variants by James Curnow)
2018 – Brianna Compton, tuba (Concerto by Robert Jager)
2017 – Brianna Compton, tuba (Concertino by Jan Koetsier)
2015 – Brianna Compton, tuba (Concerto by Arild Plau)
2012 – Angel Elizondo, euphonium (Concerto by Vladimir Cosma)
2011 – Kevin Butler, tuba (Concerto by John Williams)
2010 – Clay Garrett, tuba (Concertino by Rolf Wilhelm)

Beyond Baylor
– Dillon Jefferies (BM ’19) accepted to the MM program at Mannes School of Music with full tuition and a stipend
– Zach Bridges (BM ’14) was hired as Principal Tuba of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra
– Clay Garrett (MM ’10) received the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Texas and was hired as Principal Tuba of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra and adjunct professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville

– Brianna Compton (MM ’18, BME ’15) hired as assistant band director at Clark Middle School in the Lewisville ISD
– Austin Crumrine (MM ’18) accepted to the DMA program and offered a Teaching Associateship at The Ohio State University.
– Angel Elizondo (BM ’13) finished his doctorate at the University of Michigan and was hired as first assistant band director at Brackenridge High School in the San Antonio ISD
– Clay Garrett (MM ’10) hired as adjunct professor of music at McLennan Community College

– Ty Craig (BME ’13) passed the bar exam and became a licensed attorney
– Oscar Cruz (BME ’17) hired as assistant band director at Marshall Kendrick Middle School in the Pasadena ISD
– Clay Garrett (MM ’10) hired as adjunct professor of music at Temple College
– Travis Olson (BME ’16) hired as assistant band director in the Grandview ISD starting Fall 2017, following an interim appointment as assistant band director in the Lago Vista ISD in Spring 2017
– Dylan Reese (CM ’14) finished his master’s at Truett Seminary and was hired as Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church of Mabank, Texas

– Zach Bridges (BM ’14) winner of audition for tuba position in “Pershing’s Own” U.S. Army Band in Washington, D.C.
– Nick Draper (BME ’13) hired as Band Director for the Bosqueville School District
– Spencer Morris (BME ’15) hired as Assistant Band Director at San Jacinto Intermediate School in Pasadena, TX

– Caitlin Adams (MM ’13) hired as adjunct professor of tuba at McLennan Community College
– Michael Church (BME ’15) hired as a counselor at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
– Brianna Compton (BME ’15) accepted with Teaching Assistantship in the masters programs in Tuba Performance and Conducting at Baylor University
– Anne Smith (MM ’15) hired as music teacher at Jackson Elementary School in Rosenburg, Texas

– Zach Bridges (BM ’14) acccepted with full tuition to graduate tuba studies at Carnegie-Mellon University, the Curtis Institute, Rice University, University of Texas-Austin, and Yale University.  Attending Rice University.
– Corey Durham (MM ’13) accepted into the Professional Performance Certificate program at Penn State University; winner of Penn State Concerto Competition.
– Dylan Reese (Church Music ’14) accepted with Dean’s Scholarship to the Masters of Divinity program at Truett Seminary of Baylor University.

– Angel Elizondo (BME ’13) accepted with scholarship to graduate euphonium studies at Northwestern University, Royal Northern College of Music (England), Rutgers University, and the University of Michigan.  Attending University of Michigan with fellowship.
– Sarah Dempsky (BME ’13) hired as Assistant Band Director at Arbor Creek Middle School (Lewisville ISD)
– Nick Draper (BME ’13) accepted with teaching assistantship to the University of Missouri for a Master of Music.
– Ty Craig (BME ’13) accepted with scholarship to law school at Baylor University and Southern Methodist University

– Matthew Shipes (BME ’08) winner of the euphonium audition for the U.S. Air Force Ceremonial Brass.

– Kevin Butler (BME ’11) accepted with scholarship to graduate tuba studies at Southern Methodist University and UT-Austin

– Zach Graff (BM ’11) accepted with scholarship to graduate tuba studies at Rice; accepted to medical school at Texas Tech

– Clay Garrett (MM ’10) accepted with Teaching Fellowship to doctoral tuba studies at the University of North Texas