Recordings and Compositions

Message in a Tuba (Soundset Recordings, 2020)
Kent Eshelman, tuba
In-Ja Eshelman, piano

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BB_FAS_COVER_SMALLFour American Stories (Soundset Recordings, 2015)
Baylor Brass Quintet

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Suite for Brass Quintet by Herbert Haufrecht
Epigrams by Richard Willis
A Brass Menagerie by John Cheetham
Four Sketches by Anthony Plog

Flavors (Equilibrium Recordings, 2013)
Kent Eshelman, tuba
In-Ja Eshelman, piano

Winner of the 2014 Roger Bobo Award for Excellence in Recording

“Tuba players are making fine recordings these days, but this one really stands out.”  – American Record Guide

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Click on titles below to hear sound clips.

1.  Oliver’s Birthday by Bruce Broughton
2.  Turbulence by Bruce Broughton
3.  Happy All the Day by Erik Leidzen
4.  Nocturne by Anthony Plog
5.  Statements by Anthony Plog
6.  Burlesque by Eugene Bozza
7.  Divertissement by Eugene Bozza
8-11.  Sonata for Tuba and Piano by Frank Lynn Payne
12-14.  Fantasia in F-Sharp Minor by G.P. Telemann
15.  Gretchen am Spinnrade by Franz Schubert
16.  An die Musik by Franz Schubert

Life is Good (PKO Records, 2004)
Kent Eshelman, tuba and piano
Jon Eshelman, Hammond B-3 organ
with Tim Cummiskey, guitar, and Dave Weinstock, drums

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Click on titles below to hear sound clips.

1.  Concentratin’ by Jon Eshelman
2.  Brothers Blues by Jon and Kent Eshelman
3.  Mood Indigo by Duke Ellington (arr. by Jon Eshelman)
4.  Gigue from Cello Suite No. 5 by J.S. Bach (arr. Kent Eshelman)
5.  Life is Good by Jon Eshelman
6.  Happy Hours by Kent Eshelman
7.  Dancing Around the Obvious by Jon Eshelman
8.  Wave by Antonio Carlos Jobim (arr. by Jon Eshelman)
9.  The Playground by Jon Eshelman
10.  Boogie-Woogie Romp by Kent Eshelman

In the Pocket (Independent Release, 2002)
Kent Eshelman, piano

1.  Fast Eddie Stomp by Kent Eshelman
2.  Carolina Shout by James P. Johnson
3.  Battle Hymn of the Republic by Julia Ward Howe (arr. K. Eshelman)
4.  Let’s Boogie by Kent Eshelman
5.  That Good Old Rag by Kent Eshelman
6.  Sweet Hour of Prayer by William Bradbury (arr. K. Eshelman)
7.  Hellbender Boogie by Kent Eshelman
8.  Charleston Rag by Eubie Blake
9.  Texas Blues by Kent Eshelman
10.  The Cannon Ball by Joseph Northrup
11.  Pork and Beans by Luckey Roberts
12.  Whatever Is by Kent Eshelman
13.  Last Call Boogie by Kent Eshelman


Fortitude — Composition for tuba-euphonium quartet in the salsa style. “Fortitude” has been performed by the Sotto Voce Quartet and by Demondrae Thurman with the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra. Click on the title to view a sample of the score and to purchase online.