Leadership Reflections

Reflection #1

Leadership has a multitude of meanings and understandings for everyone, but for me leadership would have to mean giving helpful guidance to people that may or may not need it. Meaning that even though they may not need it, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be beneficial to them later on in the future.

A question I still struggle to figure out is whether leadership can be taught or you’re born with certain traits that make you a leader. In chapter two it states, “From the multitude of studies conducted through the years on personal characteristics, it is clear that many traits contribute to leadership.” and in chapter 3 it states “the skills approach is a leader-centered perspective that emphasizes the competencies of leaders.”  With both of those concepts it’s difficult to pin point a specific understanding of leaders and their leadership abilities.

After reading through these chapters you are able to see that leadership could possibly be both, skills and or traits. They show the strengths and weaknesses of the studies done over both of them, yet the outcome is always that they would be considered leaders to most people.


Reflection #2

Reflection Two

Reflection #3

My mission statement: “To care for anyone and everyone to the best of my ability”

L- Learn how actions and reactions affect my followers.

E- Excepting everyone for who they are.

A- Adapting to changes in life.

D- Disciple myself to get things done, efficiently.

E- Explore new things, and options.

R- Radiate positive vibes.

S- Spend quality time with people I care about.

H- Have enthusiasm when trying something new.

I- Invest time into people.

P- Provide for those that have less than myself.

All of those phrases in my acrostic are things that I want to continue to do or work on throughout my life as a leader. A quote that stuck out to me in the reading was “Confidence refers to having self-efficiency – the belief that one has the ability to successfully accomplish a specified task.” As I said in my acrostic, “Disciple myself to get things done, efficiently”, I really hope to continue with that throughout my life as a leader and just in general. A question I have about the reading was that it mentioned the factors that influence authentic leadership, but shouldn’t there be more components to it or ones that are interchangeable?

Reflection #4

reflection four