The HOPE research lab has access to the following research equipment:

  • 1 DELL computer; 2 monitors
  • 4 DELL tablets/computers (hybrid)
  • 2 audio recorders
  • 6 video recorders
  • 4 video recorder stands
  • 2 3D-joysticks for video coding
  • 2 transcription software/hardware pedals
  • LifeData (EMA software)
  • Qualtrics (Survey software)
  • STATA 15 (Statistical Analysis software)
  • SPSS 24 (Statistical Analysis software)
  • Nvivo 11 (Qualitative Data Analysis software)


Research has been made possible through the generous support provided by the following organizations. Disclaimer: Opinions, findings, conclusion or recommendations expressed within research product do not necessarily reflect the views of these organizations.

  • National Council for Family Relations
  • American Association for Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Baylor, Scott, & White-Hillcrest Hospital
  • Texas- Department of Transportation
  • Baylor University
  • Clemson University
  • University of Utah




Research Partners

The HOPE research projects have been made possible through the support of these research partners and collaborating organizations:


  • Maria Boccia, Baylor University
  • Beth Lanning, Baylor University
  • Nicole McAninch, Baylor University
  • Liz Perry-Caldwell, Baylor University
  • Peter Witt, Texas A&M University
  • Gary Ellis, Texas A&M University
  • Kelly Chandler, Oregon State University
  • Camilla Hodge, Utah University
  • Mat Duerden, Brigham Young University
  • Ramon Zabriskie, Brigham Young University
  • Jasmine Townsend, Clemson University
  • Cheryl Walker, UNC-Chapel Hill





  • Buckner International
  • Dan Worley, RED
  • Karol Ladd, ENGAGE
  • Diane & Ken Castello, Painting with a Twist

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