Report on Baylor students at 2015 Clarinet Colloquium

During the Clarinet Colloquium in Down Town, Dallas last week, Baylor students has won the following prices.
Taylor Gonzales , Freshman , music education,     Third Price of College Division Clarinet Young Artist Competition
Ben Quarles, Freshman, Performance,  Second Price of College Division Bass Clarinet Competition.
This conference is the largest clarinet conference in the nation. The competitors are from top music schools such as Northwestern, Boston Conservatory and UT Austin.    Three out of total  8 finalists were from Baylor.
Congratulations to all my students.

Baylor Clarinet Choir at Clarinet Colloquium, Dallas, Texas

 Baylor Clarinet Choir


Clarinet Colloquium

June 11,  Majestic Theater, Downtown, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Jun Qian, Conductor

Young @ Heart                                                             Bart Picqueur


I. THe Workder

II. The Greamer

III. The Player

Springtime “ The Olympics” for Bb Clarinet Solo and Clarinet Choir  

                                                                                  arr. Guido Six

                                                                                  ( b. 1955)

Derek Novak, Iván Hernández, Ben Quarles, Lorin Mott, Anders Peterson

 Luke Camarillo, Megan Ritzi, soloists

Jun Qian,  Conductor



Jun Qian

Eb Clarinet:

Ashley Bogisch

Bb Clarinets:

Group 1:   Download—–

Young @ Heart Clarinet 2

Spring Time Clarinet 1

Derek Novak, Kasey McMurray, Hannah Thorp,   Anders Peterson, Marissa Mitchell, Angelia Schulte

Group 2: Download—–

Young @ Heart Clarinet 1

Spring Time Clarinet 2

Iván Hernández , Julie Yu,  Guillermo Gonzalez,  Lorin Mott, Megan Ritzi


Group 3:   Download— 

Young @ Heart Clarinet 3

Spring Time Clarinet 3

Taylor Gonzales,  Taylor Horn, Stephan Brown,  Elaine Weaver, Brenden Hill, Glenn Peterson*


Alto Clarinet: 


Justin Vance, Luke Camarillo

Bass Clarinet:


Ben Quarles, Carol Maciel*, Giovanni Guardado, Kyle Popovec

Contra Eb:


Ryan Stewart*

Contra Bb:


Joseph Harwerth

* Alumni & Friends

Jun Qian’s appearance is sponsored in part by Baylor University,

D’Addario Woodwinds and Selmer

Baylor Clarinet Choir’s appearance is sponsored in part by Baylor University

Baylor Clarinet Choir is composed primarily of music education majors, performance majors and students from other departments at Baylor University. These students participate in the Wind Ensemble,Symphonic Band, Symphony and chamber ensembles. The members meet regularly to perform and study a wide range of clarinet chamber music, learning how to recognize and adjust for problems encountered on a variety of musical styles, and study clarinet ensemble and section problems encountered in various styles and performance situations. The choir rehearses and performs regularly and serves as the host ensemble for the “Baylor Clarinet Choir and Clarinet Chamber Music Festival”.  In 2015, They were also featured at  Texas Music Educators Association in San Antonio and the First Annual Clarinet Colloquium in Dallas, Texas.

Jun Qian is Assistant Professor of clarinet at Baylor University and principal clarinetist of  Waco Symphony in Texas, USA. He won first prize in the Orchestral Excerpts Competition and third prize in the Solo Competition at 1997 International Clarinet Association’s Young Artist Competition, the first artist in the ICA’s history to receive both prizes in the same year.  As an endorsing artist for Selmer of Paris and D’Addario of New York, Qian performed as soloist with Eastman Wind Ensemble,  Shanghai Symphony, Shanghai Philharmonic, Xiamen Philharmonic, Pueblo Symphony, Eastman Chamber Orchestra, Baylor Symphony Orchestra, Baylor Wind Ensemble and Shangyang Opera Orchestra. He introduces many Western solos in full orchestral version to Chinese audiences (such as Copland Concerto) and presents new compositions by Chinese composers with his “East Meets West” project to Western audiences.  As formal principal clarinetist with Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Eastman Wind Ensemble, he studied with Richard Shanley  (Baylor), Kenneth Grant and Stanley Hasty (Eastman) USA.


Clarinet Students News Report

Jake Hale, a music education junior, and Iván Hernández, a graduate clarinet performance major are selected as the semifinalists of the 2015 International Clarinet Association Young Artist Competition.  They are going to go to Madrid, Spain this summer to compete with other players around world.  I am so proud of them.  Thirty-one entries were received for this competition representing twelve countries.

2015 Baylor Clarinet Choir Festival Master Classes

8:45-9:50am     Guest Artist Master Classes

12 minutes each

( There are very limited spaces for this free event. First come, first serve.  We are sorry if your name is not here  🙁     Please try to sign up again next year!! )

Steven Ahearn  –  Meadows

Jake Hale                           Orchestra Excerpts: Rachmaninoff No. 2, Firebird

Derek Novak                      Time Pieces, Muczynski

Luis Franco                        Orchestral Excerpts

Ivan Hernandez                  Eb Clarinet Excerpts, Symphonie Fantastique, Shostakovich 5

Luke Camarillo                   Hommage a Manuel de Falla


Mary Druhan  –  MM118 Band Hall

Lorin Mott                           Lutoslawski Dance Preludes Mvt. II

Taylor Gonzales                 Eb, Symphonie Fantastique excerpt, Rite of Spring, Bolero

Kameron Gaskin                Solo de Concours, Rabaud

Magan Ritzi                        Adagio E Tarantella

Ashleigh Smith                  Rhapsody for Bb clarinet by Willson Osborne


Vanguel Tangarov  –  MM131  (Starting at 9:00am)

Angelia Schulte                  Solo de Concours, Massager

Julie Yu                              Time Pieces Mvt I and IV, Muczynski

Samuel Vongor                 Solo de Concours by Andre Massager

John Barker        Three studies, Movement II, Husa


Gary Whitman  –  MM133

Giovanni Guardado            Orchestra excerpt, Schumann Symphony 3 toccata

                                                (daphnis et Chloe serie 2) (Grand Canyon)

Ben Quarles                       Orchestral excerpts from Symphony no. 7 by William

                                              Schuman and La Valse by Maurice Ravel

Haley Golden                    Brahms Clarinet Sonata No. 1

Brittany Yvette Vazquez    Brahms Sonata No. 1 Mvt I

Justin Vance                       Solo de Concours, Rabaud


Jun Qian  –  Jones Hall

Colby Bond                        Adagio E Tarantella

Patrick Guzman                Weber Concerto No. 1 Mvt 3

Mark Valenzuela               Cavallini solo

Samuel Vongor                 Solo de Concours by Andre Messager

Matthew Pasrons             Duet No. 3 Beethoven Arranged by Voxman

Kasey McMurray             Duet

2015 Baylor Clarinet Marathon Concert

The Third Annual Baylor Clarinet Choir and Chamber Music Festival Marathon Concert


“Così Fan Tutte” Overture                                                       W.A    Mozart

arr.  Dale Casteel & Don McCothren

Baylor Festival Clarinet Choir

 Michael Isodore, conductor

 Symphony No. 88 in G major                                               Joseph Haydn   (1732-1809)

arr. Ralph Athey

IV. Finale – Allegro con spirito

 Unter Donner und Blitz Op. 324                                        Johann Strauss (1825-1899)

arr. Daniel Freeman

Polka Schnell

Perpetum Mobile Op. 257                                                     Johann Strauss


arr. Daniel Freeman

Clarinet Rag                                                                   Arthur Frackenpohl

Texas State Clarinet Choir

Dr. Vanguel Tangarov, conductor

Valse Lente                                                                                 Johann Kranz (1752-1810)

arr. by Himie Voxman

S.C. Lee Junior High Clarinet Sextet

Miss. Evelyn Binkard, director

Simple Gifts – Shaker Hymn                      arranged by Frank J. Halferty (b. 1954)

Copperas Cove Junior High Clarinet Trio

Mr. Ryan Stewart

Ave verum corpus                                                                        W.A. Mozart


                                                                                 arranged by Gary Bricault Hogan’s Heroes March                                                           Jerry Fielding (1922-1980)

arr. Eric Osterling

 Blue Twilight                                                                      Harold L. Walters (1918-1984)

Copperas Cove Clarinet Choir

Ryan Stewart and Evelyn Binkard


Duet No. 3, Allegro Sostenuto                                          Luwig Beethoven


arr. Voxman

A Duet of Three

Kasey McMurray,  Matthew Parsons

Second Trio, Op. 7, No. 2 Allegro non troppo                              J. Bouffil

Extreme Trio

Dr. Amanda Cox, director

Three Studies for Solo Clarinet                                                  Karel Husa

Mountain Bird                                                                               (b. 1921)

John Barker, clarinet

Ententse Waltzes                                                                  Patrick Lenz

Baylor Clarinet Quintet

Six Young @ Heart                                                                BartPicqueur


I. The Worker

II. The Dreamer

III The Player

Springtime                                                                                 arr. Guido

Baylor Clarinet Choir

Dr. Jun Qian, conductor

“Barber of Seville” Overture                                                          G. Rossini


arr. Herman &  I van  Hernàndez

Baylor Festival Clarinet Choir

 Michael Isodore, conductor

2015 Baylor Combined Festival Clarinet Choir

Please check our seating chart and download music now    If you could not find your name after your registration, please email us at ASAP.

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Baylor Festival Clarinet Choir

Artistic Director:   Dr. Jun Qian, Baylor Clarinet Professor,Baylor’99

Conductor,  Houston Youth Symphony:  Michael Isodore,   Baylor’97

Eb Clarinet:

Taylor Gonzales^,  Elizabeth Mora

Clarinet I:

Jake Hale, Kasey McMurray, Colby Bond, Derek Novak^,   Luis Corpus    Yu-Hua Chiu  John Barker,  Matthew Parsons,   Melton Holcomb , Kevin Rodriguez, Reed Smetter ,  Anders Peterson,  Luis Franco, Haley Golden, Kameron Gaskin , Nicolas Cruz, Tristan Whitham,  Miguel Martin, Kaden Stover, Janice Fa’aola, Alexis Kirkwood, Taylor Lanza, Savannah Palmer, Paul Park, Nicolas Chae, Nicole Zhang, Hannah Thorp, Ashna Pathan, Michael Cho,  Rohan Panaparambil , David Gu,

 Clarinet II:

Iván Hernández , Julie Yu^, Patrick Guzman, Samuel Vongor,    Sarah Sauceda,  Yadiraedith Mills*,Lorin Mott, Alissandra Celia,  Megan Ritzi,  Alexzendra M Jaixen, Asheigh Smith,Tiffany Bartgis,  Julia Donnel ,  Allyn Hartman, Mark Valenzuela, Angela Filippelli, Ivan Hurtado,  Michael Edenhoffer  , Autrianna Renee’ Kemp , Brandie Fredericks,  Jason Aguilar, Meghan Heimbuck, Mackenzie Callison, Sarah Brady, Neva Sjule, Autrianna Kemp,  Ashley Coleman, Teresa Sherman, Krystal Bonilla-Negron, Krystal  Abraham Cerda,  Hannah Steed, Justin Steven Davis, Angel Pineiro, Darious sells,

B Clarinet III:

Ryan Stewart*, Evelyn Binkard*, Taylor Horn,  Ashley Bogisch, Angelia Schulte,    Brittany Vazquez  Joel Arhelger, Stephan Brown,  Elaine Weaver^, Dohyun Kim, Haley Winkleman, Jesse James Smith, Carey Kuhl, Mary Kuhl, Glen W. Peterson,  Mary Lampert, Donna Flowers, Krystal Negron,  Kaila Kohl,  Ashley Wilbanks, Johnathan Ryan Xaiver Winston, ,Carrie Matherly ,    Audrey Spicer,    Brisa Serrano, Monica Leal*, Bryant Aynes*, Elizabeth Duran,  Timothy Egans,   Roman De Vega, Marquesz Jose, Ainsley Sell,   Elijah Snead,      Andrew Terry, Alexandrea Howard, Alita Henry, Ariana Ost,  Ja’Leah Trotter, Norma Roman, Adriana Garcia,  Abigail Paiz,  Olivia Escamilla, Madison Martin, Christopher (CJ) Martin,

Alto Clarinet:

Shaun Guzman*, Justin Vance, Luke Camarillo^,  Neal Karpienski

Johnathan Winston

Bass Clarinet:

Ben Quarles, Sarah Guhl^, Shane Lemanski, Kristian Vasquez,        Devon Hughes, Carrie Matherly, Kiel Parkhurst, Rose Pierce, Armari Weems, Jacob Williams,  Elly Lenz,

Contra Eb:

Brenden Hill,

Contra Bb:

Claire Vladyka, Giovanni Guardado, Shelby Young


And many additional players from Texas!!!

*  Music teachers

^ Baylor Sectional Leaders

Texas State Clarinet Choir

Dr. Vanguel Tangarov, conductor, music director

Eb Clarinet: Elizabeth Mora

Bb Clarinet: Luis Corpus, Yu-Hua Chiu , Melton Holcomb, Kevin Rodriguez,  Julia Donnel ,  Allyn Hartman , Brittany Vazquez, Joel Arhelger,

Alto Clarinet: Neal Karpienski

Bass Clarinet: Shane Lemanski, Kristian Vasquez

Contra Bb: Claire Vladyka

S.C. Lee Junior High Clarinet Sextet

Ms. Evelyn Binkard, music  director

Bb Clarinet: Janice Fa’aola,  Taylor Lanza, Krystal Bonilla-Negron,  Savannah Palmer

Bass Clarinet: Kiel Parkhurst, Rose Pierce,

 Copperas Cove Junior High Clarinet Trio

Mr. Ryan Stewart, music director

Alexis Kirkwood,  Mackenzie Callison,  Kaden Stover

Copperas Cove Clarinet Choir

Mr. Ryan Stewart, music director

Bb Soprano Clarinet:  Jason Aguilar, Krystal Bonilla-Negron, Sarah Brady, Mackenzie Callison, Ashley Coleman, Nicolas Cruz, Timothy Egans, Janice Fa’aola, Brandie Fredericks, Kameron Gaskin, Meghan Heimbuck, Alita Henry, Alex Howard, Marquesz Jose, Autrianna Kemp, Alexis Kirkwood, Kaila Kohl, Taylor Lanza, Miguel Martin, Ariana Ost, Savannah Palmer, Ainsley Sell, Teresa Sherman, Neva Sjule, Elijah Snead, Audrey Spicer, Kaden Stover, Andrew Terry, Ja’Leah Trotter, Tristan Whitham, Ashley Wilbanks

Alto Clarinet:  Johnathan Winston

Bass Clarinet:  Devon Hughes, Carrie Matherly, Kiel Parkhurst, Rose Pierce, Armari Weems, Jacob Williams

Bb Contra Bass Clarinet:  Shelby Young

Extreme Clarinet Trio

Dr. Amanda Cox

Bb clarinet: Mark Valenzuela, Angela Filippelli, Ivan Hurtado

Baylor Clarinet Quintet

John Barker-Eb Clarinet, director,  Justin Vance, Elaine Weaver, Stephan Lloyd-Brown-Bb Clarinet Ben Quarles-Bass Clarinet

Baylor Clarinet Choir

Dr. Jun Qian, conductor

Eb Clarinet: Ashley Bogisch

Bb Clarinet: Jake Hale,  John Barker,  Derek Novak,  Iván Hernández , Julie Yu, Sarah Sauceda,  Lorin Mott, Megan Ritzi, Taylor Gonzales,  Taylor Horn, Stephan Brown,  Elaine Weaver, Angelia Schulte , Anders Peterson, Glenn Peterson

Alto Clarinet: Justin Vance, Luke Camarillo

Bass Clarinet: Ben Quarles, Sarah Guhl

Contra Eb: Brenden Hill

Contra Bb: Giovanni Guardado

Artistic Committee:

Jun Qian, artistic director

Ashley Bogisch, artistic associate director

John Barker, Iván Hernández, artistic managers

Entire Baylor Clarinet Studio,  artistic assistants


Special Thanks to

Baylor University

Thomas Kmiecik and Josh Redman,  D’ Addario Company

Corky Trevino, Selmer Company

Mr. Steve Ahearn, Dallas Symphony

Vanguel Tangarov, Professor, Texas State University, San Marcos

Michael Isodore, conductor,  Houston Youth Symphony,  Baylor’97

Dr. Mary Druhan, Texas A&M Univeristy- Commerce

Mr. Scott Mason , Head Band Director, Coppell High School

Mr. Gary Whitman, Texas Christian Univerity

Ms. Monica Leal III, Band Director, Ronald E. McNair Middle School

Dr. Amanda Cox,  Dr. Michael Scheuerman,

Mr. Ryan Stewart, Baylor’ 99, Head Conductor,  Mr. Garrett Tagliabue, Copperas Cove ISD Clarinet Choir

Ms. Evelyn Binkard, S.C. Lee Junior High School

Brent Biskup, Band Director, Flower Mound High School

Mr. Mike DeLillo and M&D Co.

All private teachers and Parents.


Still want to be part of this exciting group?    Go to our registration now!!

2015 Baylor Clarinet Choir and Chamber Music Festival Schedule

2015 Baylor Clarinet Choir and Chamber Music Festival Schedule
All events will take place at Glennis McCrary Building, School of Music, Baylor University.

Guest Artists:  

Steve Ahearn, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Mary Druhan, Professor, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Michael Isodore, conductor,  Houston Youth Symphony,  Baylor’97

Jun Qian, Professor, Baylor University, Baylor’99

Vanguel G. Tangarov, Professor, Texas State University, San Marcos

Gary Whitman, Texas Christian University

Featured Ensembles

Baylor Clarinet Choir

Texas State University- San Marcos

Coppell High School Clarinet Quintet

Copperas Cove ISD Clarinet Choir

A Duet of Three

Rooms reserved for individual ensembles:

M118                       Texas State University- San Marcos
M131                       Baylor Clarinet Choir
M133                     Coppell High School Clarinet Ensemble  Clarinet Choir
Meadows               Copperas Cove ISD


Detailed Schedule:

7:30-10:00am                     Registration

9:00am-5:00pm                 Exhibition in Choir Room 114
hosted by Selmer,  D’Addario  and M&D Music Co.
Please arrive before 8:30am to complete your registration.

8:45-9:50am                        Guest Artist Master Classes

Steven Ahearn                       Meadows

Mary Druhan                         M118 Band Hall

Vanguel Tangarov                 M131 (Starting at 9:00am)

Gary Whitman ,                     M 133

Jun Qian                                Jones Hall



Guest Artists rehearsal in Meadows.

Jones Hall
Combined Clarinet Festival Choir rehearsal

Music will be posted on line soon!  Please check your email often.

11:45- 12:00pm                 Jones Hall

Short Talk on Reed and Instrument by Selmer and D’Addario,

Noon                                          Lunch on you own

( Chinese food from ChOPSTICK could be ordered at the registration table for $10 cash only)

1:15pm-2:30pm                 Guest Recital in Jones Hall

3:00-5:00pm                        Baylor Clarinet Choir and Chamber Music Festival Marathon Recital

Reception to follow