Baylor Clarinet Choir at Clarinet Colloquium, Dallas, Texas

 Baylor Clarinet Choir


Clarinet Colloquium

June 11,  Majestic Theater, Downtown, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Jun Qian, Conductor

Young @ Heart                                                             Bart Picqueur


I. THe Workder

II. The Greamer

III. The Player

Springtime “ The Olympics” for Bb Clarinet Solo and Clarinet Choir  

                                                                                  arr. Guido Six

                                                                                  ( b. 1955)

Derek Novak, Iván Hernández, Ben Quarles, Lorin Mott, Anders Peterson

 Luke Camarillo, Megan Ritzi, soloists

Jun Qian,  Conductor



Jun Qian

Eb Clarinet:

Ashley Bogisch

Bb Clarinets:

Group 1:   Download—–

Young @ Heart Clarinet 2

Spring Time Clarinet 1

Derek Novak, Kasey McMurray, Hannah Thorp,   Anders Peterson, Marissa Mitchell, Angelia Schulte

Group 2: Download—–

Young @ Heart Clarinet 1

Spring Time Clarinet 2

Iván Hernández , Julie Yu,  Guillermo Gonzalez,  Lorin Mott, Megan Ritzi


Group 3:   Download— 

Young @ Heart Clarinet 3

Spring Time Clarinet 3

Taylor Gonzales,  Taylor Horn, Stephan Brown,  Elaine Weaver, Brenden Hill, Glenn Peterson*


Alto Clarinet: 


Justin Vance, Luke Camarillo

Bass Clarinet:


Ben Quarles, Carol Maciel*, Giovanni Guardado, Kyle Popovec

Contra Eb:


Ryan Stewart*

Contra Bb:


Joseph Harwerth

* Alumni & Friends

Jun Qian’s appearance is sponsored in part by Baylor University,

D’Addario Woodwinds and Selmer

Baylor Clarinet Choir’s appearance is sponsored in part by Baylor University

Baylor Clarinet Choir is composed primarily of music education majors, performance majors and students from other departments at Baylor University. These students participate in the Wind Ensemble,Symphonic Band, Symphony and chamber ensembles. The members meet regularly to perform and study a wide range of clarinet chamber music, learning how to recognize and adjust for problems encountered on a variety of musical styles, and study clarinet ensemble and section problems encountered in various styles and performance situations. The choir rehearses and performs regularly and serves as the host ensemble for the “Baylor Clarinet Choir and Clarinet Chamber Music Festival”.  In 2015, They were also featured at  Texas Music Educators Association in San Antonio and the First Annual Clarinet Colloquium in Dallas, Texas.

Jun Qian is Assistant Professor of clarinet at Baylor University and principal clarinetist of  Waco Symphony in Texas, USA. He won first prize in the Orchestral Excerpts Competition and third prize in the Solo Competition at 1997 International Clarinet Association’s Young Artist Competition, the first artist in the ICA’s history to receive both prizes in the same year.  As an endorsing artist for Selmer of Paris and D’Addario of New York, Qian performed as soloist with Eastman Wind Ensemble,  Shanghai Symphony, Shanghai Philharmonic, Xiamen Philharmonic, Pueblo Symphony, Eastman Chamber Orchestra, Baylor Symphony Orchestra, Baylor Wind Ensemble and Shangyang Opera Orchestra. He introduces many Western solos in full orchestral version to Chinese audiences (such as Copland Concerto) and presents new compositions by Chinese composers with his “East Meets West” project to Western audiences.  As formal principal clarinetist with Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Eastman Wind Ensemble, he studied with Richard Shanley  (Baylor), Kenneth Grant and Stanley Hasty (Eastman) USA.