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My favorite sport is tennis. I have been playing tennis since I was 6 years old and I really enjoyWinning the US Open with Robin Kern it. As I improved, my family always supported me in everything. They also drove me over 5 times a week to practice, giving me the opportunity to get better. In Germany, I was number 1 in the Juniors division my biggest success was winning the ‘US OPEN Juniors Doubles’ with another German player, Robin Kern. In Germany, it was a very big deal. I became really famous on the tennis scene and even had some TV interviews . Here is a link to one of those interviews:

Post high school, I decided not to turn pro immediately. Instead, I want to sharpen my abilities at Baylor University so that I can become a better professional player.  The head coach at Baylor, Matt Knoll, generously offered me a large scholarship to play for his team. This offer enabled me to come to Baylor. He has been instrumental in my training for the next level.

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