Dr. Joshua King

Associate Professor, English


Advising and Teaching


I regularly advise dissertations and theses in all areas of nineteenth-century British literature and culture, but with particular attention to poetry, non-fiction, and religion/theology.  I also encourage topics focusing on ecology, religion/theology, and poetry.

Doctoral Dissertations Currently Directing

Holly Spofford

Molly Lewis

Doctoral Dissertations Directed

Elizabeth Travers Parker (2021)

Caitlin Lawrence (2020)

Lindsay Fenton (2019)

Alicia McCartney (2019)

David Smith (2017)

Michael Milburn (2016)

Melinda Creech (2016)

DeAnn Barta Stuart (2016)

Masters Theses Directed

Stewart Riley (2019)

Elizabeth Travers Parker (2015)

Naomi Tober (2010)

Undergraduate Theses Directed

Caitlin Washburn (2012)

Courses Taught

ENG 2301: British Literature

ENG 3370: Religion and Literature (Poetry and Religion in 19th C. Britain)

ENG 3372: Oxford Christians

ENG 3378: Literature and Environmental Justice

ENG 4354: Romantic Poetry

ENG 4362: Victorian Poetry

ENG 5350: Early English Romantic Literature (Romanticism and Religion)

ENG 5352: Later English Romantic Literature (Alternative Redemptions)

ENG 5374: Topics in Literature (Reforming Christ’s Body in Victorian Poetry)

ENG 5361: Victorian Poetry

For International Nineteenth-Century Studies Summer Program (multi-site courses for grad students that include extended study trips to the United Kingdom, particularly the Lake District)

ENG 5374: Wordsworth, Poetry, and the Environment (Summer 2017)

ENG 5374: Dwelling Responsibly: Legacy of the English Lakes (Summer 2018)