Prof. Joshua King

Professor of English


Advising and Teaching


I regularly advise dissertations and theses in all areas of nineteenth-century British literature and culture, but with particular attention to poetry, non-fiction, and religion/theology.  I also encourage topics focusing on ecology, religion/theology, and poetry.

Doctoral Dissertations Currently Directing

Ryan Sinni “‘A road from earth to sky’: Arrangement in Christina Rossetti”

Doctoral Dissertations Directed

Molly Lewis (defended 2022) “Poets in the Pulpit: Clerical Critics on Tennyson and the Brownings”

Holly Spofford (defended 2021) “Apocalyptic Care: The Renewal of Creation in Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Christina Rossetti, and Gerard Manley Hopkins”

Elizabeth Travers Parker (defended 2021) “Holy Spirit, Holy Dove: An Ecotheology of Birds in Victorian Poetics”

Caitlin Lawrence (defended 2020) “Reimagining the Contes de Fées: Female Fairy Tales in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century England and Their Exploration of the World In-Between”

Lindsay Fenton (defended 2019) “Paradigms of Knowledge and Narratives of Human Flourishing in Victorian Realism”

Alicia McCartney (defended 2019) “Prayers from the Wreck: Shipwreck Narratives and Imagined Spiritual Communities in Nineteenth-Century Britain”

David Smith (defended 2017) “Blake’s Aesthetic Messianism: Multimodal Art as the Rhetoric of Transformation”

Michael Milburn (defended 2016) “Preface to ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’: Coleridge on the Uses of the Supernatural in Narrative”

Melinda Creech (defended 2016) “Hopkins’s Homer: A Scholarly Edition of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s Dublin Notes on the Iliad

DeAnn Barta Stuart (defended 2016) “The Symbol’s End: Reflections on the Coleridgean Symbol’s Eschatological Telos”

Masters Theses Directed

Stewart Riley (2019) “Persons, Perceptions, and Play: Human Christological Inscape in the Work of Gerard Manley Hopkins”

Elizabeth Travers Parker (2015) “‘The darling child of speech’: Hopkins’s Pedagogy of Poetic Performance”

Naomi Tober (2010) “Between Two Worlds and Between the Lines: A Reading of the Supernatural in James Hogg’s Fiction”

Undergraduate Theses Directed

Caitlin Washburn (2012)

Courses Taught

ENG 2301: British Literature

ENG 3360: Literature and the Environment

ENG 3370: Religion and Literature (Poetry and Religion in 19th C. Britain)

ENG 3372: Oxford Christians

ENG 3378: Literature and Environmental Justice

ENG 4354: Romantic Poetry

ENG 4362: Victorian Poetry

ENG 4364: The Brownings

ENG 5304: Bibliography and Research Methods

ENG 5350: Early English Romantic Literature (Romanticism and Religion)

ENG 5352: Later English Romantic Literature (Alternative Redemptions)

ENG 5374: Topics in Literature (Reforming Christ’s Body in Victorian Poetry)

ENG 5361: Victorian Poetry

For International Nineteenth-Century Studies Summer Program (a program that I founded and ran from 2017-2018 to offer multi-site courses for grad students that included extended study trips to the United Kingdom, particularly the Lake District)

ENG 5374: Wordsworth, Poetry, and the Environment (Summer 2017)

ENG 5374: Dwelling Responsibly: Legacy of the English Lakes (Summer 2018)

Student Exhibitions Directed

“The Brownings in Our World”Nov. 2020-2021, Digital Exhibition on Website and staged—in part—at Armstrong Browning Library, Brownings class of Fall 2020

“‘Orphans of Earthly Love’: Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Protest for Working Children” 1 October 2018 through 1 April 2019, Hankamer Treasure Room, Armstrong Browning Library and online. Victorian Poetry class of Spring 2018

“Romanticism at the ABL: Perceptions and Relationships”22 January 2018 through 1 June 2018, Hankamer Treasure Room, Armstrong Browning LibraryRomantic Poetry class of Fall 2017

“Choosing the Right Words: Revision & Reception in the Victorian Period” 28 April 2017 through 6 November 2017, Hankamer Treasure Room, Armstrong Browning Library, Victorian Poetry class of Spring 2017