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April 23, 2013
by jordanweaver

What’s trending?

9 Better Body Trends for 2013


So, we’ve covered fitness trends and cookbooks for the new year. But, we haven’t quite focused on the overall picture. Getting a better body involves a lot more than simply jumping on a fitness bandwagon. You have to feel good inside and out. We broadened our net and scooped up the best trends spanning from beauty to diet.

  1. Laser Hair Removal: The lasers use pulsed light to break down and eliminate the dark pigment or “melanin” in hair. Some treatments even alternate between laser and radio frequencies to target the hair in its growth phase. According to various beauty sites and, there are some definite questions to ask before you decide to use this treatment. Laser treatments can cause discoloration for dark skin (Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD in the July 2004 issue of InStyle magazine).
  2. Beauty bars: Niche spas or “beauty bars” are popping up around NYC and other hot cities. They are devoted to one specialized service from makeup to blowouts. Many are walk-in friendly. Harper’s BAZAAR noted, Clear Clinic “a full service, walk-n acne treatment center”. Read more from the BAZAARhere.
  3. Anti-aging hair care products: Wrinkles aren’t the only thing a women worries reveals her age. Grey hairs are traumatizing for many. Haircare companies such as Pantene are continuing to work on anti-aging hair treatments that utilize argon oil and Vitamin E to restore your roots. Good Housekeeping tested 73 products on 579 volunteers and took more than 2,700 lab measurements, and tallied 1,055 questionnaires to find the 17 top performers that truly delivered their promise of younger looking hair. Read their results here.
  4. Argan oil: Morrocan Argan oil is all the rage as more studies are conducted on it’s health benefits. What we for sure know is that it contains tons of Omega-3s and fatty acids as well as Vitamin E. Early studies have revealed there are some connections with argan oil and heart health. But, it’s still fairly early to call this a miracle oil–as oils hardly reach deeper than surface skin (WSJ, 2012).
  5. Non-invasive surgery: Elizabeth Logan, founder and CEO of Myo Technologies believes that microcurrent treatments will be chosen over more invasive procedures this year. Here’s what she said toMSN Living, “Microcurrent treatment systematically reduces the signs of aging and wrinkles by maintaining and increasing muscle tone in three ways: circulation, microcontraction and cerebral effect. The result is what everyone is now looking for – healthier, younger, more toned and refreshed skin without Botox, surgery or other invasive treatments.”
  6. Elimination diets: So, the gluten free movement has only picked up speed as more celebs try it. Eliminating one kind of processed chemical or food group appears to be the trend in diets. From the Meditteranean diet to the Paleo diet, people are simply trying to eat cleaner.
  7. Slow cooker meals…year round: The crockpot is back my friends and it isn’t even Superbowl season. Check out our Skinny Crock Pot recipes for the healthiest, easiest meals. Click here for the recipe index.
  8. Going local: This term no longer means just buying local groceries or going to a farmer’s market every once in a while. Mom and Pop shops are seeing major benefits from this trend. People are zeroing in on one trade and opening up more microbreweries now than ever before.
  9. Juice Up: Well+Good NYC reported that, “Juices are a $5 billion business in the US and are expected to grow by 4 to 8 percent a year, according to Barron’s.” Look for boutique juice shops and high-end urban cafes cold-pressing produce–like TotalJuiceCincy!

April 22, 2013
by jordanweaver


What Does Yoga Really Work?

yogareallyworks_645Busy moms know how difficult it can be to find time for exercise, relaxation and recharging. Days spent running after little ones, organizing car pools, sports schedules, a partner or spouse’s schedule as well as your own may leave you feeling like YOU are just another chore. Is there any exercise that can help you relax, recharge and get fit all in one?


In an article written by Alisa Bauman at the Yoga Journal, no matter how you define “fitness,” yoga is enough to achieve it. From elite athletes to recent couch potatoes, the practice of yoga increases lung capacity, flexibility and alters one’s body composition.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine, there are four different markers to determine “fitness.”

Muscular Fitness – This means your actual muscle strength and how much you can lift as well as your muscle endurance, which is how long you can lift it.  Seems like we should all be muscle-women after carrying around our growing babies, right?

Cardiorespiratory Fitness – This is the fitness of your heart, lungs and blood vessels. If this system is healthy and strong your body is an efficient machine, making other problems less likely.

Flexibility – As we age, we naturally become stiffer. Things like tight hamstrings can pull down on our pelvis, and that causes the lower back pain we all know and love!

Body Composition – This is the ratio of fat compared to every other body tissue, organ, muscles or bones. The medical community still maintains that too much fat and too little muscle increases your risk of disease.

Studies conducted using more than an hour (at a time) of yoga two to four days a week have determined that incorporating more aerobically challenging positions can cover your entire exercise need. Be sure to include postures like Triangle, Downward-Facing Dog, Tree Stand and Plank for maximum benefit.

Yoga can have a calming effect on busy moms. Start slowly and work towards your goal, whatever it is. Yoga is called a “practice” because it’s something we do in increments. As it boosts your mental health and physical health, let it provide you with the rest and mental clarity we so desperately need sometimes! And congratulate yourself each time for making YOU a priority.


April 22, 2013
by jordanweaver

Booty work

8 of the Best Booty-Lifting Exercises

Roxy_15_EDIT_645Are you ready to slide on the summer shorts and a bathing suit? Ready or not, summer is just around the corner! Instead of being covered in clothes this summer, spend some time covered in sweat preparing for those long summer days! Try incorporating a few of these new exercises from our friends over at into your next leg and glute training to target lifting and tightening the tush and help ease your booty into a stronger and more confident summer body!

1. Forward Lunge with Dumbbell Press. Click here to read about form and technique.Forward-Lunge-with-Dumbbell-Press

2. Forward Lunge with Dumbbells. Click here to read about form and technique.Forward-Lunges-with-Dumbbells

3. Bridges on a Foam Roller. Click here to read about form and technique.Bridges-on-Foam-Roller

4. Dumbbell Squats. Click here to read about form and technique.Dumbbell-Squats

5. Wall Squats with Dumbbells & Ball Exercise. Click here to read about form and technique.Wall-Squats-with-Dumbbells-and-Ball

6. Single Leg Hamstring Flexion with Ball. Click here to read about form and technique.Single-Leg-Lateral-Squat-with-Ball

7. Lunge & Twist with Medicine Ball. Click here to read about form and technique.Lunge-and-Twist-with-Medicine-Ball

8. Single Leg Lateral Squat with Ball. Click here to read about form and technique.Single-Leg-Hamstring-Flexion-with-Ball



April 22, 2013
by jordanweaver

Pet friendly fitness

Quick Guide for Running with Your Dog


Dog is man (and woman!)’s best friend. What better way to get some exercise than taking your pet with you on a run? It’s a great way for them to  burn off some of that  built up hyperactivity that they can acquire. And, it’s a great way for you to burn off that pent up frustration from your job–whether your office is a cubicle or a minivan. We have rounded up some tips from to keep you and your dog safe, as well as some must-have accessories!

  • Don’t run with younger or older dogs: Take a dog between the ages of 2 and 6 for the best experience for the both of you.

  • Ease your dog in: Just like humans, dogs need to build up their pads. Gradually you can take them on longer runs, but watch their pads for bleeding, tenderness, or raw spots. If you see any of these, give the dog a few days to recover

  • Always keep them on a leash: No matter how well trained, the dog is probable to run after another animal or jogger. Keep them on a leash so you don’t end up running after them instead of with them.

  • Stick to trails when possible: These surfaces will be much easier on your dog’s joints.

  • Keep your dog hydrated: Show them how to drink out of your water bottle or buy them a portable doggie dish (check out our suggestions below!)

  • Watch for overheating: Signs of fatigue or heat illness include panting, slowing down, foaming at the mouth, weakness, inability to stand, uncontrolled movement, agitation and glazed eyes. If you see any of these, cool your dog immediately by thoroughly wetting him with cold water and getting him into the shade or an air-conditioned area, if possible. If your dog starts to vomit or doesn’t improve within 10 minutes,  you need to seek veterinary help as quickly as possible.

Skinny Mom’s Fave Dog Running Accessories:

  • Arm and Hammer Poop Bags: These help you be prepared in any situation, and clip easily to a leash or to your pocket! Click here to check it out.
  • Bamboo Pet Collapse-able Bowl: This folds up easily into a flat shape so you can store it and go, and your four legged friend will have no fear of dehydration. Click here to check it out.
  • Zuke’s Power Bones: These all natural treats will help restore your pet’s energy and nutrients after a long run, and they will love the taste too! Click here to check it out.


April 22, 2013
by jordanweaver

Are they safe?

Diet Pills and Vitamins: Are they safe?

So, I have a pet-peeve as anyone I know does… but mine is something I hear about all the time that irks me. I always hear ads for fat loss accelerators and such that are totally safe because they are “ALL natural”.  By all means, I think fat burners or accelerators can have a positive impact for some people, and I’m not “dogging” all of them because I think they do have their place for some people.  What my “beef” is about are the phrases that claim they are completely safe because they are all natural.  This is what frustrates me.

Many people believe that something must be completely safe because it’s in nature (all natural) but this is where the fault of the advertisements lye.  I have issues with these advertisements because before anyone tries any medications/vitamins/diet pills, then that person needs to make sure it is safe for them.  Diet pills can and do typically increase heart rate; many diet pills and even vitamins/supplements have complications with certain medications; also, if a person has blood pressure problems or vascular disease, or any type of complications for that matter, then that person may be putting themselves at risk by taking any type of supplement.  Many of those supplements contain natural ingredients, but the amounts of certain ingredients are many times in excess of what we would normally get in normal day’s consumption.

For instance, taking calcium is great, but if we take too much of it, then it can cause problems. Calcium supplements can interact with many different prescription medications, including antibiotics, bisphosphonates and high blood pressure medications . The same exists for vitamin C. Vitamin C has many benefits but if someone takes too much of it, it can cause some ugly side effects including kidney stones.

Just because something is found in nature, does not make it safe.  There are many poisons and toxins found in nature.  Before starting a new workout or diet regime, it’s always good to talk to your general practitioner; the same goes for any medications you are taking (even those that are “all natural”) and are considered a vitamin, mineral, or supplement. Even if it’s supposed to be healthy for most, it may not be healthy for you.

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April 9, 2013
by jordanweaver
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Work those triceps

Top 5 Moves for Toned Triceps

tricepextention_645Let’s get those arms tightened and toned in time for summer. The tricep seems to be a problem area for most women. No one wants Hulk arms or that extra wiggle when you wave. So, we have gathered up 5 of our favorite tricep moves and broken them down for you!

1) Overhead Tricep Extension on Stability Ball

We want elongated backs with tummies tucked in and shoulders rolled back. Your feet should be comfortably in front of you at 90 degree angles. For balance and comfort you can adjust that angle. Remember if you want a better core workout, pump some air in the stability ball to challenge your balance.

Choose a higher weight than you normally would for this particular move. You will be working both triceps at the same time, so double the weight: use both your hand weights or just grab a 10-15 lb weight.

Take the weight(s) behind your head–remember your posture! Keep the elbows pointing forward and close to your ears. If you feel them pull away or notice that they are pointing outwards toward the side walls readjust before you continue. Raise the weight straight up, keeping those elbows in place, until your arms are extended.

For an extra challenge, raise a leg with your weight. Alternate the leg extensions.

Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps.SM_Tighten_Tricep

2) Tricep Kickback Pulses

Take the ball behind your back. Extend your arms so they are straight out behind you. Begin to raise the ball and slowly lower it. Try not to lean forward too much and keep the weight balanced in the balls of your feet. Keep pulsing the ball upwards for 45 seconds. You will probably feel this burn.

3) One-Arm Tricep Push Up

Lay down on your right side first–swing your legs to the left of you. Plant your left hand into the mat and cross your right arm over your chest. It should be making a diagonal from your right shoulder to your left. Lower yourself down, bending your left arm. Really dig in your palm to push yourself back up. Reverse sides. Do 25 reps on each side.

Check out Real Simple’s graphic for a picture reference here.

4)  Plank Push Up on Stability Ball

Roll out into a plank on your exercise ball! Stop when the ball is somewhere between your knee and ankle. The farther you roll out, the harder this exercise will be. The less you have on the ball, the harder to stabilize AND the more weight you will be feeling as you do the push up.

Check your form before trying the push up. Your back should be in a straight line. Slowly lower your chest to the ground keeping your arms tucked into your sides. This is another technical point: lower your chest NOT your head. Don’t let your elbows flair out!

Push back up and exhale to your starting plank position! If your back starts to bend and your tummy starts to sag towards the floor, roll back on the ball. Suck your belly-button in and push it towards the spine, elongating and engaging the core. This also helps prevent back strain!

Do as many as you can in 30 seconds. Challenge yourself by maxing out for 1 minute as you grow stronger!Plank Push Up with STABILITY Ball

5) Stability Ball Shoulder Rotation

Stand shoulder width apart and hold the ball in front of you. Your hands should be on the sides of the ball.

Now take the stability ball up and extend it over your head to the right. You should be leaning and really extending your whole body upwards towards the right wall. Watch your arms. Don’t let them bend or bow. Keep that ball raised a little in front of your forehead.

Now, pivot so your hips are centered and swing the ball down to your left foot. You should be sweeping the ball downward. Keep the movement wide; you are going to be drawing a circle in the air. Complete the circle and when you are back around to your left side, pull the ball up and over your forehead towards the left wall.

Once you have the arm motions down, add a shuffle step to the movement.

Reverse the movement. Swing the ball and your hips towards the center and draw a circle. Keep your arms straight and extended the WHOLE time.

Add this to your workout and do it 20-30 times each side.