Cell-Phone Jones (Addiction)

My research (with friend and colleague Steve Pirog) on cell-phone addiction,


has created quite a media stir recently. Coverage has even jumped “the pond” with coverage by The Daily Mail of the UK:

The most commonly asked question I get is: How can I tell if I’m addicted to my cell-phone? You, indeed, can be addicted to your cell-phone. Cell-phone addiction is in the same family as other technology addictions (computers, gaming, etc.) which are part of a larger family of behavioral addictions. Anything that can produce pleasure in your brain has the potential of becoming addictive. The LOSS OF CONTROL is the telling sign of any addiction. How many of the following signs describe you?

Six signs of cell-phone addiction:

1. Salience – When your cell-phone takes center stage in your life and dominates your thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

2. Euphoria – If you get excited when you get a text or call and/or feel elated after such an event this could signal trouble.

3. Tolerance – If you are spending more and more time on your cell-phone it’s like a drug addict who needs more and more of his drug
to get “high”.

4. Withdrawal symptoms -Do you get stressed when separated from your phone? Panic when it’s lost or damaged? Try going cold
turkey. If you can’t for a day or two you have issues.

5. Conflict – If you argue and fight about your cell-phone use that’s a problem. Has your spouse or friends complained that “you’re not

6. Relapse – Have you tried to cut back and weren’t able to do so – you’re an addict.

So, there you have it. If you are exhibiting any of the above signs of cell-phone addiction – it’s time to address the problem. Read chapters 12 – 14 of Shiny Objects: Why we spend money we don’t have in search of happiness we can’t buy to find out how: https://blogs.baylor.edu/jim_roberts/

Shiny Objects makes a great Christmas present. Now, put down your phone and talk to someone.

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