Materialism Joke!

It’s seldom that you can find much that’s funny about our preoccupation with Shiny Objects, but I think I just might have. I have tried this joke out on several live audiences to a chorus of snickers and even a few guffaws. What’s a day without a little laughter? So ……..

A guy is driving his new black Lexus SUV with all the candy down the interstate when he pulls off into a gas station for a pit stop. As he opens the door to his sleek, new black Lexus SUV an inattentive truck driver talking on his cell-phone drives a little bit too close to the parked Lexus and tears off its door.

Witnesses to the accident can hear the man wailing, “Oh my God, My Lexus” over and over again. As the onlookers check to see if the man is okay, the chagrined Lexus owner continues to rant, “Oh my God, my Lexus”. One observant bystander, however, notices that in addition to tearing off the door of the Lexus, the errant truck has also torn off the driver’s arm. When the bystander remarks that it wasn’t just the car but the man’s arm the driver should be worried about, the Lexus owner, surprised, looks down at the bloody stump that was once his arm and exclaims, “oh my God, my Rolex!”

See, even materialism can, at times, be a laughing matter. Buy Shiny Objects for someone you love this Christmas.

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2 Responses to Materialism Joke!

  1. Jordan Kelley says:

    This is funny yet kind of scary. I read this and did a little reflection on myself and to an extent I might be a little bit like the Lexus owner. I hate for anything to happen to the things that own. It makes me upset when I get scratches on my phone screen or damage my expensive computer equipment and have pondered many times about what I would grab first if there were a fire in my house (all ways comes down to my dog or my desktop computer, which are both considered my “babies”).

  2. Drew Carini says:

    This post brings up a topic that most people are very numb to; materialism. At Baylor, materialism is definitely a problem. I think the worst thing about materialism is that people don’t necessarily realize how materialistic they can actually be. I would like to say that I have a grip on what materialism is, and what constitutes materialism in my life. In the surroundings in which I live, materialism an absolutely huge problem. I don’t think there is any way to fully expose how and why people become so materialistic. The best we can do to beat materialism is to find what parts of our life are captured in materialism and expose those parts of our life as much as possible.

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