Shiny Objects Found on Mars!

You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the SHINY OBJECTS found on Mars was not a copy of my new book, Shiny Objects: Why we spend money we don’t have in search of happiness we can’t buy. In fact, what NASA’s Curiosity Rover uncovered last month were “Shiny Objects” that appeared to be “Martian Material”.

So, it appears that even on Mars humans are fascinated with Shiny Objects. Get your own earthly copy of Shiny Objects on for Christmas:

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3 Responses to Shiny Objects Found on Mars!

  1. Rebecca Malzahn says:

    Alright, this convinced me to buy your book! On its way to my house as we speak. I’m anxious to read as the Christmas season approaches. It is always interesting to discover issues (new and old) with my spending habits.

  2. jim_roberts says:

    Fantastic! If we can just get 999,999 more people to buy Shiny Objects we have a million-seller on our hands. In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy my book and pass-it-along to someone else who might enjoy it.

  3. Maggie Williams says:

    I think I just might buy a copy too. My dad is owns many business’s and a book like yours I can see him being very intrigued with.

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