Budget by the Fudgets

Are you waging a battle with Shiny Objects? If so, help has arrived. Fudget’s Budget, a 1954 animated short film by United Productions of America (UPA), starring George and Irene Fudget, amusingly illustrates the perils of falling off the budget bandwagon.

In a nod to simpler times, the short film is “Dedicated to all those courageous people who manage to live within a family budget”. The animation is cutting edge and the story is timeless.

Take 6 minutes and 40 seconds out of your busy schedule to enjoy this fun and important message. Be sure to forward this post to at least ten friends and family members. I would like to spread this message world-wide as we approach the holiday season. I also welcome your opinion of the film and our love of Shiny Objects.

Here’s the link to Fudget’s Budget: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eNGtgizmbc

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3 Responses to Budget by the Fudgets

  1. Callie Jo says:

    This video was cute. It was a nice way to show how easily it is to get in over our heads with our budget if we fail to maintain it. Like they show in the video, a little splurging here and there is okay, but we must face the consequences in doing so. Earlier this semester, I had to create a post-graduate budget for this class and a public relations course. Factoring in a savings plan is necessary. When certain unexpected situations occur, our emergency savings plan is there. I’ve heard that it is good to save about 3-6 months salary for the year. I’m excited about graduating, but managing my budget is definitely daunting. Thanks for the video! Fun way of reminding ourselves how easy it can be to fall into a pit of debt.

  2. jim_roberts says:

    I am glad you watched the video and I ws impressed by the budget you turned in earlier this semester. I bet you will do just fine managing your finances after you have graduate and find a job.Be sure to pass-along the video to anyone you think might enjoy it and/or learn something from it.

  3. Rebecca Malzahn says:

    I agree with Callie Jo. A little splurge spending, in my opinion, is not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed the video as well. It was a good reminder of the never-ending spiral of spending despair. When you’re in the ditch, others are high and dry, and vice versa. I also created a post-graduate budget. It was then I realized how important it is to invest in an emergency fund. Hurricane Sandy is a good reminder of the unexpected wreaking havoc on your bank account. I will pass this video along, for sure.

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