God vs. Donald Trump

If need be, who would you go to for financial advice? This was a question posed to 2,262 US adults age 18 plus by Harris Interactive. Harris conducted the poll during February of 2012 for the American Bible Society (ABS). The poll was conducted to help launch ABS’ Financial Stewardship Bible (FSB). The ABS has highlighted every verse in the bible that mentions money and/or possessions. More than 2,000 scriptural verses are highlighted in the FSB.

       But, alas, despite being the best selling book of all times, many of us look elsewhere for financial advice. It appears that many of us would seek the advice of the King of Combovers himself, yes, that’s right, Donald trump. Fifty percent of US adults stated they would be willing to take financial advice from The Donald despite his somewhat spotty record (at least four bankruptcies).

     On the other hand, only 32 percent of US adults would look to the Bible for financial advice. 86 percent of American adults, according to the ABS survey, do not heed the financial pearls of wisdom offered in the Bible – too old school.

     And, it gets worse. Ten percent of Americans age 18-34 would look to Kim Kardashian for financial advice. Given the above, it’s not surprising why members of the Baby Boomer generation are woefully unprepared as they enter their “Golden Years”. And, with Kim Kardashian as the financial Shaman for the younger set, things don’t bode well for Generations X and Y as well.

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4 Responses to God vs. Donald Trump

  1. Eryn Mattox says:

    In reading the above blog I have realized that I have not any any point in my 21 years of life have thought to look at the bible for financial help. However, I have not looked to Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian either. So, at least I’m halfway not a complete idiot. I think we forget what the bible really is and what it brings us. We take God’s word for granted and don’t realize that those before the bible didn’t have this amazing tool at hand.

    I may just pick up my bible today and look at what it says about money, and maybe through it become a little more wise in that respect.

  2. Eeva-Liina says:

    It is a very interesting thing though when you think about it: Where do people actually learn how to behave with money and different types of payment cards? Sure in school some economics is taught, but who gives you a class on how to use your credit card wisely?

    And what comes to the bible being old school, the format of the advice may be a bit outdated, but the basics of functioning markets probably haven’t changed for the last 2000 years.

  3. Jordan kelley says:

    I would not take advice from either Donald or the Bible. I think for the most part if I were going to get any financial advice I would ask my parents. They seem to have kept themselves out of trouble for a long time that I feel like they would have some good insight on how to manage money. Donald Trump has a lot of money but at last 4 bankruptcies? That is too many even if he has been successful overall.

  4. Kristen Frederick says:

    I think most of what we learn about finances comes from watching our parent’s trial and error. I can admit that I have never even considered looking to the bible for advice on finances. I am curious now to go back and find verses that go into talking about finances in the bible.

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