Gravity map of Mars

Mars Gravity Map

Ok, that’s neat. It’s a visualization of how the variations in the density of Mars’ mantle and core affect the gravity it exerts on the satellites as they pass through orbits around it. When I read this article, I was caught off-guard: I didn’t realize we have SIXTEEN years’ of data to analyze! How long have we been in outer space? Over fifty years, longer than I’ve been alive.

I love how this project brings together data analysis with visual art. I’m a visual learner. I think more often in pictures than I do words. Ask my colleagues, I can barely have a technical discussion of any depth without a whiteboard or napkin to scribble on. This map of Mars and its variations in gravity bring joy to me, because I launch from this picture into a kaleidoscope of thoughts about our Creator.

How vast a creation! Space goes further out than we can measure, time goes further back than we can fathom … and yet, our Creator is every where and every when. There is no place in space or time I can go to outrun his love for me. If I plumb the depths of space in interstellar travel, I will find him there. If I live to be 100 years old, he’ll be there. If I revisit painful memories of the past, he meets me there. The invitation stands. He is able and willing to join us any where, any when. What a conversation to have! He speaks to me in my own language, using word pictures from my own experience. He does not require me to ascend to his level. He stoops down to mine. Such love!

May the joy and peace of our Creator’s presence surround you today. Open your eyes and your heart to join the conversation.