Baylor’s Focus on Faith

This is written for my colleagues at Baylor University…

Greeting friends. One of the great things about working at a faith-based institution is that we are able to discuss an often ignored, but core, component of most of our lives, spiritual faith. This is, in large part, what drew me to Baylor University. The ability to discuss faith comes with some challenges. Because our faith lives are typically a deeply personal and private part of our lives, discussions on this topic can easily, and often accidentally, hurt someone else.

Thankfully, Baylor’s President and many others at Baylor, including Spiritual Life’s work on Faith and Deliberation, are working to create ways that we can share more openly with each other in the context of our loving community.  I encourage you to read President Livingstone’s Perspective from August 22, 2019 on this topic.

One of the remarks I commonly hear from Baylor students, faculty, and staff has to do with understanding what Baylor means when we say we are a Christian university.  There are innumerable definitions of the word “Christian.”  However, I have discovered that Baylor is relatively explicit in regard to what we state the university means when it identifies as a Christian university.

I thought I would share with you a number of statements that Baylor currently shares on websites that describe what being Christian means to this university.  I have provided a link to each statement below.

  1. Baylor’s Strategic Plan, Illuminate
  2. Baylor’s Motto: Pro Ecclesia (For the Church), Pro Texana (For Texas)
  3. Baylor’s Mission
  4. Baylor’s Foundation Assumptions
  5. Baylor’s Core Convictions
  6. Baylor’s Unambiguously Christian Educational Environment
  7. Baylor’s Christian Commitment
  8. Baylor’s Statement of Common Faith for Religious Organizations
  9. Baylor’s Expectation Students Will Develop Christian Perspective
  10. Baylor’s Expanded Description of Christian Perspective
  11. Baylor’s Core Vision in the College of Arts and Sciences
  12. Baylor’s Core Curriculum Virtues
  13. Baylor’s Biblical Perspective on Calling
  14. Baylor’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
  15. Baylor’s Definition of Cultural Humility

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