Editing Office Documents Stored in Box on an iOS Device

You can create and save Office documents to your Box account from the Office apps for iOS. The procedure is the same for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on any iOS device. However, the screen shots below are from Word on an iPhone, so things may look slightly different according to app, device, and iOS versions.

If you need assistance connecting the iOS version of Office to Box, see this entry. Once connected, you may use the tips below to edit or create new Office documents on your iOS device. There are two different ways to use Box and Office together from your device.

Method 1: From within an Office app

To create a new document: Tap the “New” button and select one of the templates, or choose blank document if you don’t want a pre-defined template.


Enter text as desired and then tap the “Done” button when complete.


Tap the arrow at the top of the document and then choose Save…


Name your document and choose Box from the Places dialog.


Find the folder in your Box account where you want the file to be saved, and then tap the Save button. Your document is now stored in your Box account.

save file to Box

To edit an existing document: Tap the Open button on the bottom right of the Office app, then choose Box. From there you can navigate through your Box account and select the file you want to edit.


Once you have found the document you want to edit, tap the document to open it in “view” or read-only mode. Tap in the document to place the cursor and then edit the document as desired. Once you have finished editing, tap the “Done” button at the top left.


This will end your editing session. You’ll need to tap the arrow at the top left to save the changes back to your Box account.

exit doc in office iOS

Method 2: From within the Box app

Note: At this time, you cannot create a new document from the Box app. You can only edit existing documents.

Open the Box app and navigate to the file you want to edit. Open in view mode, as you would with any document.


Tap the “open in” button at the bottom left and and choose “Open in Microsoft Word.”

IMG_3272 copy

This will switch over to the Word (or appropriate Office) app and open the document. Tap in the document to bring up your keyboard and allow for editing. Just as above, tap Done and the arrow to save your document. You will still be in the Office app, but if you go back to the Box app, the document will refresh and you will see the changes to the document.

Please contact the Help Desk at 254-710-4357 or helpdesk@baylor.edu if you have any questions about this process.

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