Hop Jeong’s Certification of Identification (double to enlarge)

1. What is type of document is this?
2. Why do you think this document was required for immigrants?
3. When and where was this document issued?
4. Why do you think physical features and medical information is listed on here?
5. How difficult do you think it was to receive this documentation?
6. How long do you think it took Chuang to get this certification?

Medical Examinations (double click to enlarge)

1. What do you think the medical examiner is looking for?
2. Why do you think these medical exams are necessary?
3. When do you think medical exams were taken: before or after the issuance of documentation?
4. Where were these exams being taken?
5. Do you think this is an extreme course of action the government is taking?
6. What is the government’s purpose in forcing immigrants to have medical exams?

Man and Women Waiting for Paperwork (double click to enlarge)

1. What is happening in this picture?
2. How long do you think these immigrants are waiting?
3. How do you think the immigrants shown feel at the moment?
4. Do you think these immigrants know what they are even signing?
5. What is the ratio of workers to immigrants?