Editorial Cartoons

Invitation to Ratify the Chinese Exclusion Act (double click to enlarge)


1. Based on the cartoon, what is the Chinese Exclusion Act?
2. Why do you think this cartoon was created? What message is it portraying?
3. How is the Chinese man portrayed here?
4. Who created this cartoon? What do you think their overall opinion on the Chinese are?

“Anti-Chinese Bill” (double click to enlarge)


1. Based on this political cartoon, what did it call the Chinese Exclusion Act? Based on its new given name, is it on the side of the Chinese or the U.S. government?
2. Who is to blame for the “Anti-Chinese Bill?”
3. This political cartoon states directly what the Chinese is being blamed for. What is it?
4. Based on the facial expression of the Chinese man and the heavy imagery, how do you think the Chinese felt about this bill?
5. Based on the crowd in the background and the manner in which Lady Liberty is dressed, what are the Americans view on the “Anti-Chinese Bill?”

“The Exclusion Bill” Dallas Morning News; 16 Oct 1888 (double click to enlarge)

1. According to this article, who made the decision on the outcome of the Chinese Exclusion Act? What was the result?
2. Was this considered constitutional? Did the article provide any reasons why it was or was not?
3. How many Chinese did this affect?
4. What did the article state about how it will affect Chinese laborers what were already in the United States?
5. Based on the information given on this article alone, did the government provide any justifiable reasoning behind their decision?