About Ian Panth and his blogs

I am Doctoral Candidate in the Religion Department at Baylor University. My dissertation is on Søren Kierkegaard’s concept of the single individual. I am married with three children (all boys).

I am already a blogger. You can find me at #POPChrist and Where the Sidewalks End.

On #PopChrist, I post about books and popular trends in Christianity. So far, the topics range from the creation/evolution debate, especially as defined by Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis, to biblical interpretation, to book reviews.

Where the Sidewalks End is a more personal blog about my relationship with my 10 year old son who is severely disabled. It is intended to be both an encouragement to those who find themselves in similar circumstances and opportunity for others to become aware of the blessings and struggles of living with disability.

For the most, part this blog will be focussed on the interdisciplinary discussions that I am involved in here at Baylor with the Christ and Nature group. All are welcome.

On Tuesdays at 11am, I meet with faculty, staff, and students to discuss the nature of the Creator God’s relationship with God’s Creation. As a theologian, I am especially interested in learning more about new scientific discoveries and better understanding contemporary theories about the nature of life and the universe. You can check out our discussion topics and share your own thoughts at Christ and Nature.

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