Nursing Providential Connections

At the beginning of each fall and spring semester the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing Parents Network hosts a J1 Cookout to welcome new students and their families to LHSON. In early January the weather was a bit too chilly to sit outside for the cookout, so many guests congregated inside around large round tables.

Missy & Jenny Reimer

Dr. Linda Plank, associate dean for academic affairs at LHSON, sat down at a random table to get better acquainted with nursing student Jennifer (Jenny) Reimer and her family. Dr. Plank welcomed Jenny to LHSON and said she had heard that Jenny had recently taken a year-long break from school and asked why. Jenny’s mother proudly explained that her daughter had taken a year off from her studies to care for her while she recovered from a serious stem cell transplant. She endured rigorous chemo and a tough hospitalization before and after the stem cell treatment, but her daughter was by her side giving her hope and support.

Missy Reimer

The story instantly hit home personally for Dr. Plank since her husband was getting ready to go through the very same surgery in just a matter of days.
Together the families delighted in God’s gift of bringing them to each other that night, and they shared hope for a brighter tomorrow and renewed health for their loved ones.

Undergraduate Research

The College of Arts & Sciences is delighted to announce that it recently has begun accepting applications for the new Science Research Fellows degree program, which will attract high-achieving students who are interested in enhanced opportunities to do research as undergraduates with top Arts & Sciences faculty. Science Research Fellows is a one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary major (BS) that provides students with an academic foundation for successful research careers in biochemistry, psychology, environmental science, physics, and many other areas of study.
Science Research Fellows

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