Supported by a Missions Research grant from Baylor Missions, students and faculty from the organization Engineers with a Mission travelled to Laredo, Texas in July 2016 to drill a water well. Despite being only 15 miles outside of Laredo, the people that live in the Las Lomas colonia do not have running water in their homes. Instead, the city trucks out water to a filling station where people wait in line to fill private tanks. Seven students and two faculty members spent ten days in the heat drilling a shallow water well to support the water needs of this community. They were warmly welcomed by the local community, which prepared home cooked lunches for them every day and sent volunteers to work alongside them. Students learned the basics of drilling and casing a well, solved technical problems as they arose, and formed a genuine connection with the community. They plan to return next year, albeit at a cooler time of the year: spring break.