Homosexuals were targeted during the Third Reich as “enemies” of the “disciplined masculinity” that Hitler sought to promote in his master German race.  Also fearing their inability to reproduce, Hitler and the Nazi state chose to imprison and terrorize homosexual men into sexual and social conformity.  By the end of the Second World War, 50,000 homosexuals had been imprisoned and many of the 15,000 that were sent to concentration camps were killed.  However, because of the general intolerance towards homosexuality across the globe, it wasn’t until the mid-1980’s that their sufferings under the Third Reich began to be recognized.

The documents in this section will illustrate how Hitler’s Nazi regime took a firm stance on homosexuality after their rise to power by executing many officials within the government who were not only political enemies of the dictator, but also homosexuals.  The Roehm Purge led to increased fear among the homosexual communities and led to secret meetings between these citizens as to protect their identities.  Finally, captured homosexuals were subjugated to imprisonment and outfits that adorned an upside down pink triangle which was intended to denounce the character of these prisoners.  By analyzing these documents and answering the questions given, we can better understand the persecution of homosexuals under Hitler’s regime.