Map of Euthanasia in Germany

Action T4 in Germany-Destruction of the Disabled

“The Nazi Euthanasia (T-4) Program.” Jewish Virtual Library. American-Israeili Cooperative Enterprise, n.d. Web. <>.

  1. Look first at the title and date of the map.
  • What is the map depicting?
  • What time period is being addressed in the map?

    2.  Glance at the legend and/or key on the map.

  • What is being represented by symbols within the map?
  • Geographically, what is the spacing of these symbols on the map?

Document Based Questions:

1. What is euthanasia? What conclusions can you draw/definition can you draw from the term based on the map?

2. What are the two forms of euthanasia that occur in Germany during 1940-1945?

3. What region is concentrated with the most gas chambers/injection sites? Why might Germans focus their euthanasia efforts in this area?