Genetic Study of Gypsies

View the attached video and respond to the Document-Based Questions below:

When approaching video clips to analyze, remember that you should…Summarize the video and the overall message.

  • Perhaps making a brief list of events would be helpful.
  • Consider whether or not the narration of the video or the content of the video is promoting a singular idea
  • If so, describe the idea
  • Identify the target audience

Genetic Study of Gypsy Children

1. Who was Eva Justin? What was the main intent of her dissertation/study of the gypsy children?

2. What kind of tests did Justin conduct in the orphanage?

3. What was Justin’s ultimate recommendation after studying children in the orphanage?

4. What happened to the gypsy children in this video? What happened to Eva Justin?

5. Do you believe the tests conducted in the orphanage were substantive enough to evaluate whether or not gypsies were a group that should be exterminated. Explain.

6. Based on the video and your prior knowledge of the Holocaust, what do you believe was the purpose of the Racial Hygiene Institute?


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