July 2016 Intern Spotlight

The July Intern Spotlight is Felicia Patel.  Felicia completed her Health Science Studies Internship at Affordable Dentures.  She observed dental procedures, reviewed x-rays with the dentist and became familiar with dental equipment used for extractions and implants.  Felicia was able to see the denture process from beginning to end because the dentures are made on-site.  Sic’em!

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May 2016 Intern Spotlight

The May Intern Spotlight is Olivia Jones.  Olivia completed her Health Science Studies Internship at Waco VA Blind Rehabilitation.  Her project was to revamp the list of prosthetic devices used by the agency.  She observed an optometrist during screenings and shadowed classes taught to veterans including kitchen, computer, shop and outdoor gardening.  Olivia also worked with Braille computers.  She has been accepted to the U of H O. D. School and will begin in August 2016.  Sic ’em!

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April 2016 Intern Spotlight

The April Intern Spotlight is Keiji Ozu.  Keiji completed his Exercise Physiology Internship at the Waco Family YMCA.  While interning, he delivered weight room orientations which included an equipment, cardio and free weight orientation.  He also reviewed the tips for healthy living from ACSM with clients.  Keiji’s project included workouts for healthy families and he coached a summer youth basketball team at the YMCA.  Sic ’em!

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March 2016 Intern Spotlight

The March Intern Spotlight is Natalie Butler.  Natalie completed her Community Health Internship at Care Net.  After a great deal of training, Natalie counseled clients on next steps in pregnancy care including helping expectant moms and dads set up Medicaid, WIC and their first OB doctor appointments.  She also welcomed clients into the pregnancy center and spent time in the Baby Boutique.  After graduation, Natalie plans to join the Peace Corps. Sic’em!

March Intern Spotlight Natalie Butler with Care Net Supervisor Janie Martinez, MSW.
March Intern Spotlight Natalie Butler with Care Net Supervisor Janie Martinez, MSW.


February 2016 Intern Spotlight

The February Intern Spotlight is Patrick Hazelip.  Patrick completed his Health Science Studies Internship at Peak Therapy. This was one of seven locations for physical therapy under the Peak Therapy umbrella. The location is now Achieve Physical Therapy.  Patrick is pictured on the zero gravity treadmill and with the hand manual-therapy tool.  His physical therapist supervisor, Grant Thornbrugh, is also a Baylor grad. Patrick is primarily interested in medical equipment sales and he explored that through the equipment and services offered at this physical therapy office.


HSS Intern Patrick Hazelip with Peak PT supervisor, Grant Thornbrugh.
HSS Intern Patrick Hazelip with Peak PT supervisor, Grant Thornbrugh.


January 2016 Intern Spotlight

The January Intern Spotlight is Gracie Glendinning.  Gracie completed her Health Science Studies Internship at Pharmacy Plus #5. Gracie observed the basics of pharmacy including billing, delivery and stocking pharmaceutical supplies. She learned the different roles that the pharmacist, pharmacy tech and pharmacy deliveryman take on at this location. For her project, she created a brochure explaining all of the services that Pharmacy Plus #5 offers. Sic’em!

Gracie Glendinning at Parmacy Plus #5
Gracie Glendinning at Pharmacy Plus #5




December Intern Spotlight

The December Intern Spotlight is Laurel Dandridge.  Laurel completed her Health, Kinesiology and Leisure Studies internship with Aleta Doddema at HealthFitness. Laurel assisted in fitness testing with five components, group X classes, and metabolic testing on the BodyGem. She also worked with the specialist to transition the sign in and registration at the fitness center from paper to online. Laurel noted that the Exercise Physiology class and lab at Baylor were very important for this internship.



November Intern Spotlight

The November Intern Spotlight is Lisa Dinh.  Lisa completed her Health Science Studies internship with Dr. Carrie Divin, Optometrist.  Lisa welcomed patients, checked them in, and used the equipment to gather necessary data on the eye before they saw the optometrist.  Additionally, she did research on cataracts as well as shadowed Dr. Divin during optometry appointments.

Lisa Dinh with supervisor Dr. Carrie Divin.
Lisa Dinh with supervisor Dr. Carrie Divin.


November Intern Spotlight Lisa DinhCIMG1956.1


October Intern Spotlight

The October Intern Spotlight is Trevor Soper.  Trevor completed his HSS internship at Clair PT and worked with Freddie on the cold laser.  Daily, he delivered files to the physical therapists and completed tasks such as folding laundry, setting up STEM and sanitizing therapy tables. Trevor has been offered employment by Clair PT following the completion of his internship.

October Intern Spotlight: Trevor Soper


Trevor Soper at Clair PT demonstrating the matrix.


August Intern Spotlight

The August Intern Spotlight is Thomas Lene’.  Thomas completed his exercise physiology internship with Baylor Athletic Performance Women’s and Men’s Basketball in Strength and Conditioning.  Thomas implemented workout plans at a station during group workouts, participated in strength planning and the workout follow-up.  Additionally, he attended strength practices indoors and outdoors for variation and worked with athletes on modified lifting techniques and rebounding.

August Intern Spotlight: Thomas Lene’


Thomas Lene’ at Baylor Athletic Performance





All About the HHPR Internship Experience

The internship experience conducted within the HHPR Department is designed to provide students an opportunity to both observe and participate in actual professional positions within the organization to which they are assigned. The purpose of the internship is to provide each student opportunities to experience the professional work settings that are appropriate for their preparation and career aspirations. The students considering an internship experience will have an upper level classification and have completed the majority of his/her course work in his/her field of study. These students are working on their undergraduate degrees in the areas of Health Sciences, Community Health, or Exercise Physiology and will be doing observations with any additional practical experiences the agency deems feasible. The internship is to create an educational experience that:

      * increases the student’s knowledge base and enhances the perceptions of the career track and organization;
      * stimulates inquiry;
      * provides a practical experience that can contribute to the student’s professional future.