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Welcome to the official blog for Baylor University’s Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program! The fact that you are reading this indicates that you are interested in learning more about Baylor’s program. This blog is designed to help with that process. Over the course of the next year this blog will serve as a resource for individuals interested in the Baylor HESA program. This blog will feature posts from various members of the HESA and Student Life community at Baylor. Members will be posting about what led them to pursue careers in higher education and student affairs and what led them to Baylor University specifically. My hope is that this blog will provide you with guidance and clarity as you seek to find the graduate program that is right for you.

So allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scott Shepherd and I am in my second year as a student in the HESA program. I grew up in the corn-filled state of Indiana (if you are wondering what that was like just watch the movie Hoosiers). In 2008 I earned my bachelor’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. After graduating, I worked in Student Services at one of my alma mater’s Adult Education Centers located near Cleveland, Ohio.

When I tell people where I’m from the question that often follows is “What led you to Texas?” The answer is the Baylor University HESA program. After my experience as a student and employee at Indiana Wesleyan University I knew that I wanted to learn more about higher education and student affairs so that I could serve students more effectively. So why did I choose Baylor? For one thing I needed a break from the cold and the snow. Also, the generous tuition scholarship did not go unnoticed. However, those were just a few of the reasons that I chose Baylor. I wanted to be a part a program that would enable me to take what I was learning in class and apply it in a working environment. I wanted to be a part of a small program that encouraged the development of friendships with current and future higher education and student affairs professionals. I wanted to be a part of a program that encouraged the exploration of faith and spirituality and the role that faith and spirituality play in the lives of students. It is those features that I found at the Baylor University HESA program and those features that have continued to enrich my time here.

My experience is just one of many. Accordingly, as other members of HESA and the Student Life community share their insights into our unique program and community, I hope that you will gain further insight and will consider joining us.


scottshepherd • September 28, 2012

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