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“Simple Justice”

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This is my redeveloped version of Amazing Grace by Edwin Othello Excell, John Newton and John P. Rees.The following verses are aimed at changing the traditional American focus of self-centered justification by grace to marginalized freedom through justice. There are also… Continue Reading →

Sur L’Océan

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I am who you are Who you are not And who you may be I am without bounds Limitless Like oceanic thought and movement Surging forward at times Devouring cities Devastating lives Despised- but still I influence De Facto I… Continue Reading →

I Hear Freedom

I Hear Freedom Dr. Kernodle spoke on black women, music, and the strategy of nonviolence in the South. She defined resistance as a two-fold action, embodied and verbal. Embodied resistance involved the presence of a body in a particular environment… Continue Reading →

Seeing the Heart

My future occupation is all about seeing what others can not. Contractual law is about foresight, protecting a person or a business through perceiving the avenues through which an opposing person or business may attack them. Verbal agreements in the… Continue Reading →

From The Outside In: The Interview

From The Outside In: Mulling It Over

There were things about my friends responses that were similar and things that were different. I realized through this exercise that each had a different view of me based on the different versions of myself they most commonly interacted with…. Continue Reading →

From The Outside In: A Reflection on Friendly Reflection

When I called Chloe Renforth to let her know I needed to interview her on who I was she quickly responded: “Hannah Bogue, nobody can define you, you are too many things!!” I have held onto that throughout the process,… Continue Reading →


  Over My Head I See Freedom In The Air Bryan Stevenson addressed a motley crew of tired, midterm stressed, and delayed college students with a message of inspiration and a vote of confidence. His most lasting impression laid in… Continue Reading →

Bill Clark

International Justice Mission is at it’s core a voice for the voiceless. IJM’s Bill Clarke shared incredible stories of determination, perseverance and courage in the everyday things. Unlike many speakers, Clark did not urge us to become the Ghandi and… Continue Reading →

Enlighten Me

I am in love with Rousseau, infatuated with Paine, obsessed with Hemingway, fascinated by Vonnegut and absolutely enamored with Emerson. Their words paint pictures and passions within me, sculpting with hands sure and steady. Whispering wonders like freedom, with stormy… Continue Reading →

Project Prathia

"For we have been silent much too long. We've been preoccupied with telling our city power structure not what it needs to know, but what it wants to hear. We are here today because we can no longer bear the shame of our guilt, because delay means compromising our dignity... We are tired of segregation and we want equality now." Reverend Doctor Prathia Hall -1963, SNCC meeting in Atlanta-

“For we have been silent much too long. We’ve been preoccupied with telling our city power structure not what it needs to know, but what it wants to hear. We are here today because we can no longer bear the… Continue Reading →


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