Dare to Lead

Over the past year of my life, I have seen a recent theme emerge. As I approach what feel like “big moments” such as graduation, moving, and surviving graduate school, I have begun to reflect and break down the basic truths that I have been fed my entire life. As I reflect on so many […]

Women Empowerment Series Conference

Registration Here You’re Invited to our first SERVE Conference! Description: The overall goal of this conference is to equip practitioners and professionals across various disciplines how to best empower women and girls in areas of leadership, congregations and mental health. All six research assistants will share their personal research. Breakout sessions in which faculty from […]

Why She Didn’t Report

Please note, I refer to individuals who have been sexually assaulted as survivors rather than victims, as research shows the language used to describe this population has an impact on their well-being/how they view themselves. I am writing from a cis-gendered white woman’s perspective and I acknowledge that I cannot fully understand, nor speak to […]