Volunteer Work

A big part of both my college application and my professional experience is volunteer work. I have done a number of volunteer positions in order to amount more than a hundred hours of volunteer work. This was primarily because this was the number that most colleges expected of top applicants. However I did end up enjoying some of the activities.

The most most extensive form of hours that I accumulated was with an organization called Master Your Sports. I volunteered as a basketball coach of a youth team. I ended up accumulating most of my hours with them because I enjoyed it the first summer that I did it. While my team was not very good, we didn’t win a game, I enjoyed the tactical parts of the job. 

My other volunteer endeavors where mostly to supplement my work with youth basketball. During high school I spent time working with my middle school as a volunteer during numerous events. I also worked as poll worker on election day. Following my trend of youth sports I also volunteered with the San Diego Youth Lacrosse Festival.


Service Organization Hours
Master Your Sports 50
Black Mountain Middle School 10
San Diego Youth Lacrosse Festival 20
San Diego Registrar of Voter 20