Thoughts On 2008 Market Crash

While many blamed both corrupt employees of the financial industry and government officials responsible for regulation, I personally blame the 2008 real estate market crash on the rating agencies. The system of rating agencies is fundamentally flawed, as companies are always more likely to give their business to agencies that inflate grades for their bonds. This was the real root of the crisis as these incorrect rating lead to investors buying “falsely advertised” CDOs from the banks. Regulation, or a greater level of self-regulation, of  the rating agencies would have prevented the crisis.

The Merits of Business Pre-Med

In the last few weeks I have undergone heavy deliberation on if I should stay in both my business major and the pre med track. This was initially done with the intention of covering my bases and allowing a more informed decision to be made later in my undergraduate career of a final career path. However I have begun to wonder if the merits out-way the cost of taking such a packed schedule on my gpa. Pre med classes are more than enough of a challenge on their own, not including the prospect of an entirely separate business degree.

Finals Tips

After attending numerous finals tips seminars in the last few weeks, I feel educated to sort through the information and found what information is useful enough to enact. Approaching studying can be also as important as the actual studying itself. The biggest conclusion I came to was to make a chart of all your finals and what you need on each one. This will help you be able to prioritize which tests to study for first and how extensively.