With finals quickly approaching, everyone is becoming attached to their books and becoming one with their favorite study places. Luckily, Baylor has a number of charming and quiet buildings and areas that graduate students especially like using.

1. The Second Floor of the Student Union

The first time that I journeyed into the SUB I was amazed by the ornate furnishings and decorations. It was like stepping back in time to the rich grandmother’s house I never had, but even better because everything wasn’t wrapped in plastic and smelled like perfume. There are long hallways and small rooms that branch off from the main ballroom that are specifically designated for studying. It is like a private family room that brings about coziness and studiousness every time I enter. There are also eateries to buy food and coffee on the first floor so prepare for an anticipated hour long study break to turn into an all day event.


2. The Incubator

The name is still a mystery, but the Incubator is a dedicated section on the first floor of the Moody Library that is only for graduate students. We don’t have to fight the sleep-deprived undergrads for couches and tables any longer! Besides for the graduate student events that occur, the large room rarely gets crowded. With stacks of resources right outside, and the Graduate Writing Center located at its entrance, the Incubator is a one-stop shop for those exciting December research papers. Oh, and if the free coffee in the space doesn’t hit the spot, Starbucks is right down the hall in the main lobby.

3. Armstrong Browning Library Garden of Contentment

Located on the outskirts of campus, the name just whispers relaxation. The Garden of Contentment is located on the left side of the Armstrong Browning Library and provides an excellent atmosphere for getting work done. Although it may be too cold to use by the time fall finals roll around (although in Texas one never knows), the garden’s trees, expansive foliage, and small fountain make it an extremely comfortable reading space for those late August and early September assignments. If there are no tables available outside, the Library also provides a unique, beautiful, and quiet space for studying, contemplating, or cat-napping.


4. Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation

The Foster Business Building is Baylor’s newest academic building. Its sleek design and innovative technology make it a perfect space for tackling that dreaded group project. Foster offers breakout rooms that look over the main lobby area that any student can reserve. While all the activity can be distracting to some, the lobby is an excellent space to study for the student that can tune out all the noise and action. But to be honest, most people just go to this building to study because it is home to the new café and bakery: Au Bon Pain.

5. Common Grounds Back Patio

Although technically located right across the street from the campus line, Common Grounds provides a great space for studying and caffeinating. There are a number of couches and tables on the inside, but it often gets too crowded and stuffy for many people’s liking. A quick scurry to the back patio offers more adequate seating for writing papers and reading those journal articles on farm life in the mid-late fourteenth century. With not too much light, but enough to make doing work possible, it’s an especially calming spot to go to on Sunday nights as students mentally prepare for the coming week. Before you go, just make sure there’s not a concert happening!


Good Luck!

By Matthew Doyen