235371Baylor University offers graduate students the rewarding opportunity to live in community with each other in Graduate Student Community Housing. This community includes three apartment complexes conveniently located near campus: The Quadrangle, Browning Square, and the new Centre Court Apartments, which host a variety of social and academic events for residents every year.

“It’s fantastic to get to know one’s neighbors,” says Karl Aho, community coordinator of The Quadrangle. “In graduate school we get locked into our own academic silo. It’s tremendously rewarding and refreshing to break out of the academic silo and find out what other folks are doing and find out about the good things happening at Baylor.”

The flourishing communities at The Quadrangle and Browning Square are made up of students from many backgrounds. English students, chemistry students, and even seminary students call this community their home. Not only are The Quadrangle residents from a variety of academic backgrounds, but also a variety of cultural backgrounds.

“At The Quadrangle, we are looking into doing more international student family events. One thing we’ve talked about doing is something for Chinese New Year,” says Karl.

One distinction between the two housing communities is that Browning Square has one-bedroom apartments, while The Quadrangle has two-bedroom apartments.

The Quadrangle, because it has two bedrooms, attracts many families. In order to meet the needs of the families who reside there, The Quadrangle hosts family-friendly events, including movie night and family night, where parents can socialize with plenty of supervision for their children.

“Community living has really helped us to have a built-in support structure,” explains Jay Beaver, resident of The Quadrangle. “We were able to make friends with other families who could help us balance work and family. Baylor students tend to be remarkably friendly, and living in close proximity has given us lots of opportunities to witness their generosity and try to return it.”

Like Karl, Cara Allen, community coordinator of Browning Square, is working to ensure that her residents have plenty of opportunities to get to know one another as well. Browning Square has recently established a leadership council made up of residents who brainstorm new ideas to meet the changing needs of their community.

“One of the new events we are doing this year is a Marina Day, where our residents are going to get together and go to the marina. We are trying more to utilize things on Baylor’s campus that our students have access to but don’t always use,” says Cara.

In addition to the great community and life-long friendships established at Browning Square and The Quadrangle, residents also have the opportunity to plant fruits and vegetables in an all-organic community garden. Here, students can learn about gardening alongside their neighbors while growing their own fresh produce.

Graduate housing is one of the many ways to get involved in the exciting Baylor community. All graduate students are eligible to live in Browning Square, The Quadrangle, and the new luxury Centre Court Apartments. However, it is important to reserve your spot as soon as possible, because they fill up fast!

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Graduate Student Housing Community emailGSHC@baylor.edu.