If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a virtual tour would surely be worth a novel or two.  For years, the graduate school has written to prospective students telling them about the great environment and opportunities at Baylor.  Sometimes, however, words simply cannot do it justice.  It’s easy to talk about the magnitude of the Baylor Science Building or the beauty of Armstrong Browning Library, but unless you’ve been to campus, it is difficult to really get a feel for life at Baylor.  That’s why the Baylor graduate school recently teamed up with YouVisit to give people a chance to see campus the way it was meant to be seen: through the eyes of a student.

YouVisit is a company that helps universities design and create virtual tours for prospective students.  Their work allows viewers to walk through a university’s campus without ever having to leave the comfort of home.  Baylor’s tour is equipped with clickable arrows that take you to various destinations around campus along with a virtual tour guide who provides information about the different stops.  YouVisit also features 360 degree pictures that are great for looking inside buildings or getting your sense of direction on campus.

For the Baylor Graduate School’s tour, we wanted the experience to be as authentic as possible.   Rather than hiring a YouVisit actor to put on a Baylor shirt and read lines, we did the majority of the production in-house.  The tour was given by Baylor theatre graduate student, Kayson Murphy, filmed by Baylor Film and Digital Media student, Pedro Rosas, and written by…..us!  So, if you’d like to learn more about Baylor, or you’re simply interested in seeing what our campus looks like, click this link to check out the tour.  It’s almost as good as actually going to school here!