I am an Nigerian American citizen who was born in 1994 in Tyler, Texas.   I am also the son of proud parents, Emmanuel and Maryann Obi, and brother to Krystal, Emma, and Emmanuel Jr.  Although I was born in Tyler, my family moved to El Paso, Texas around the time of my 4th birthday.  This would turn out to be one move that would go on to start to shape my life for the future.

As I went through school, I was always an A B student and always found myself playing sports, which was not unusual considering my three older siblings who were all stars in the sports they played.  At first I found my niche as a basketball player, thinking that one day I  would hopefully go to the NBA and play ball with the best of the best, but this would soon change, the day that my older brother introduced and became my first triple and long jump coach.

felixobi4At first my main reason for doing triple and long jump was because my older brother did it and it seemed like the easier and more fun events to do in track.  I soon found out how good I was going to become with the help of my brother finding me a specialist that turned out to be my personal coach.  Growing up in a Nigerian family, I always knew grades were important in the step of getting into a good college, so I knew I had to work just as hard in the classroom as he did on the track.  This all paid off when I signed with the Baylor Track and Field team and went on to achieve many spectacular feats.


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Felix Obi| Student-Athlete for BaylorUniversity