Last month we hosted our first “Faith & Sport Forum” event, an online conversation on important issues for Christians in sports. Topics included leadership, mental health, competition, and spiritual discipline. If you missed out and would like to watch the talks for yourself (or if you attended but would like to watch them again) please feel free to check the videos out and share! All four talks have been posted on YouTube.

Aviry Reich (@AviryReich), Sports Counselor and Athlete Mental Health Advocate
“Athlete Wellness: Mental Health and Sports Culture”


Frank Reich, NFL Head Coach
“Created to Compete: Bible and Sports”


Elizabeth Perkins (@perkieli), Truett Seminary Graduate and Faith & Sport Institute Staff Member
“Soul Training”


Marcus Sedberry (@MrSedberry), Baylor University Senior Associate Athletic Director
“Building Leadership From the Heart”

For our next Faith & Sport Forum, what topics would you like to see addressed? Send us a message on Twitter and let us know.