Mission Trips


Ateiku student

Grow closer to God.

See the world through His eyes.

Experience His Love.

The high school I attended, Dallas Christian, had a community service requirement. One of the many ways to earn hours for community service was the annual mission trip to our sister school in Ateiku, Ghana. Martha Leeson, one of the teachers who helped establish the relationship with Ateiku, goes on the trip with several students every year. Many students, like myself, loved the village so much that they went again the following year.  Since visiting Ateiku, I have discovered that it truly is more blessed to give than to receive.

I have visited Ateiku twice, once to build a well, and another to help their local private school and hospital. Majority of the group that traveled to Ateiku was students, but a few parents went as well as one teacher (Ms. Leeson). We traveled a long way to reach the village. We left the DFW airport and arrived at Atlanta, Georgia. From Atlanta, Georgia, we flew to the Netherlands, Holland. From Holland, we flew to the capital of Ghana, Accra. After we arrived in Ghana, we traveled six hours by a bus provided by our sister school in Ateiku to the village. The overall time it takes to get to Ateiku from Dallas is around 24 hours. It was one of the most exhausting trips I have ever experienced.

I vividly remember our arrival the first time I went to Ateiku. Our connecting flights had unexpected delays and we arrived four hours late. However, when we arrived late at night, we were welcomed by eager faces of children and adults from all over the village. They sang us a song in their native language of Twii. Tears rolled down the faces of my fellow high school students. The whole experience was emotional. How could complete strangers admire us so much? From that moment forward, I knew this place was special.

All Photos by Emily Hicks