My Dog


A Furever Friend

The Humane Society in Central Texas is packed with too many animals. The flooding in Texas has not helped the problem. According to their website, the beginning animal count was 199 and by the end of March they took in 486 stray at large. During this month specifically, they saved 90.66% of animals and euthanized 9.34% of animals. As one can easily see, the Humane Society needs help. Caring pet lovers need to step up and adopt these dogs and cats.

My boyfriend and I saw this problem and wanted to help. We both wanted a dog and the Humane Society in Central Texas is taking in a new dog everyday. In May, we started checking the Humane Society’s website every day. Towards the end of May, we thought we found the one, a dog named Buddy. However, Buddy had been scooped up earlier that day. I kept checking the website and not soon after I found a 10-month-old Australian shepherd mix. I instantly fell in love, and my boyfriend and I decided to head down to the shelter to take a look at her. She stood out from the rest of the dogs. She was adorable, scared, quiet, and sweet. As soon as the employee let her out of her dog pen she flopped on the ground and refused to move. She was scared of all the dogs barking at her. The employee that was helping us picked her up and carried her over to the playpen. This sweet dog started playing with us and we knew we had to get her. They put her on the list to be spayed (because all dogs must be sprayed/neutered before adopted) and we waited to pick her up at the Animal Birth Control Clinic the next day. She was out of it and we could tell she was not feeling well. The next couple of weeks were torturous for her as well as us. She was extremely sick and had every symptom one could think of. She had an upper respiratory infection as well as an gastrointestinal infection. Her upper respiratory infection consisted for a long time and she is still taking medicine for it. Other dogs adopted from the Humane Society also had upper respiratory infections. This made me realize that these dogs need to be adopted and taken care of. The Humane Society can not take care of every single dog in their shelter, it is impossible. If you would like to adopt a pet or volunteer at the Humane Society, click here.

Overall, we named our dog Stella and she is happy and healthy right now. If you’d like follow Stella’s progress, visit my blog page.

Photo by Emily Hicks