Welcome. My name is Douglas Henry and it is my honor to serve as Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Honors College at Baylor University. To my great delight, most of my teaching takes falls under the auspices of the remarkable Great Texts Program.

I also serve as Associate Dean for the Honors College, thereby gaining many opportunities to support and strengthen Baylor’s efforts to educate some special, hard-working, high-aspiring students. Working alongside our incomparable dean, Dr. Thomas Hibbs, is a real pleasure.

During my fifteen years at Baylor, I have worked as Director of the Institute for Faith and Learning and as Master of Brooks Residential College. In all of my places of service I have looked for ways to recover enduring ideals of Christian higher education wherein students join together with teachers, as apprentices to masters, not merely to learn about ideas, or acquire technical proficiencies, or prepare for careers, but rather and above all to become well-formed human beings redeemed and renewed in the light of Christ.

You are welcome to email me at Douglas_Henry@baylor.edu. Of course, you are always welcome to visit me on the campus of Baylor University as well. My office is located in Brooks Flats 135G. (Click here for a campus map showing Brooks Flats.)

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