Interactive Statistics Modules

The Baylor Interactive Statistics Modules Project (“BaylorISMs”) is a compendium of free online tools for statistics education and practice. Each module is accessed through your web browser using Wolfram Research’s computational document format (.cdf) technology. To learn more about the project, see the about page or contact us.

New here? – Nice to meet you!

Come on in and get acquainted with the BaylorISMs Project with a 2 minute video.

Animating statistics – Tools for understanding statistics deeply

Let’s face it – statistics can be boring. And even worse, confusing. In this area you’ll find collections of modules which bring the concepts from the chalkboard to your computer screen where you can interact with them in natural, fluid ways.

Teaching statistics – Tools for showing the ropes

Learning statistics on your own and teaching others often require different tools. In this section you’ll find complex tools with a wide range of flexibility which are great in the classroom.

Practical solutions – Tools for research

Whether it’s trying to ellicit the right prior or trying to understand the power of your analysis, in this section you’ll find modules which enable you to get the job done the right way.

Hot off the press – Modules to support journal articles

Journal articles are the preeminent venue of statistical research. Novel theory, innovative methods, and revolutionary implementations are almost all unveiled in their final form in journal articles. This area of BaylorISMs is your one-stop-shop for user-contributed modules which enhance learning and understanding of statistical science’s newest innovations.

How it works – Contributing to the BaylorISMs Project

Want to be part of the BaylorISMs Project? Whether it’s sharing your awesome t-test lecture with the world or animating your JASA brain child, in this corner we teach you what you need to know to join the effort.