Resources Used for PhD Sermons Class

TDM Tool: Voyant-Tools

From Wikipedia, “Voyant Tools is an open-source, web-based application for performing text analysis. It supports scholarly reading and interpretation of texts or corpus, particularly by scholars in the digital humanities, but also by students and the general public. It can be used to analyze online texts or ones uploaded by users.”

Data Source #1: Baylor Media Space

Search for a sermon by Truett Seminary Dean Dr. Todd Still (sermon still)

Explore word clouds and stopwords, trends, contexts
Data Source #2: HathiTrust


Use the Advanced Search and search int he title for Baptist sermons

We will use The Baptist pulpit of the United States : Eloquent and instructive passages from the sermons of two hundred Baptist ministers by Joseph Belcher

Download text file (requires authentication)

Explore terms, collocates, dreamscape, topics, exporting images and links




TDM Content & Tool: Gale Digital Scholar Lab

Demonstrate searching for Baptist Sermons and filtering for monographs

Show pre-created content set named Baptist Sermons

Demonstrate analysis completed on this dataset; ngram cloud and bar charts, parts of speech




Resources for Demonstration: Text Data Mining Sermons

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