The Windows version of NVivo Plus and Power BI is now accessible to Baylor researchers through your web browser, with no installation, from any location, and from any operating system.

To request access, send an email to from your email address.

Once you receive access, follow these steps to access NVivo and Power BI. (video instructions below)

  1. Navigate to
  2. Authenticate using Baylor credentials and DUO.
  3. Select the “BaylorVirtualDesktop-Pool1” resource pool.
  4. Again authenticate with Azure AD credentials when prompted.
  5. You will be logged into a virtual Windows desktop environment with shortcuts to NVivo and Power BI available directly on the desktop.
  6. To access your local files, there are shortcuts for Box and for OneDrive on the desktop. (OneDrive is more reliable at the moment.)
    1. This virtual desktop has full internet access, so you can access resources such as and your email.
  7. ** Important: When you are finished using the virtual desktop session, log out. There is even a shortcut to log out on the desktop. Do not simply close the browser window.

Online Access to NVivo Plus & Power BI

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