HR Staffing Analytics Simulation

An interactive exploratory dashboard prepared for MGT 4337 – Human Resource Staffing and Employee Relations


Each student in two sections of this undergraduate management course recorded scores for 14 variables useful in hiring decisions. This anonymous dashboard allows students now to (1) view mean scores for each student across all variables, (2) view student group mean scores for each variable, and (3) to adjust weights for each variable to view the effects on simulated hiring decisions.

How dashboard was created:

  1. Tableau Desktop was used to create the online dashboard. The following steps were all completed using Tableau.
  2. Tree map and bar chart created for group and student mean scores.
  3. All variables normalized to a 0.0 to 1.0 score.
  4. Sliders created to weight the mean scores of the normalized scores.
  5. Add documentation and publish online.
HR Staffing Analytics Simulation (MGT 4337)

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