Title: 2018 DRIVE Scholar Presentations (recorded)

2018 DRIVE Scholars Presentations
2018 DRIVE Scholars Presentations

Digital Research & Innovative Visual Explorations
2018 DRIVE Scholar Presentations

Welcoming Remarks: John Wilson, Library Dean
Introductions: Joshua Been, Digital Scholarship Librarian

1. How are education researchers evaluating qualitative research
Rachel Renbarger, PhD Candidate, Educational Psychology

2. Sources and Ambient Concentration of VOCs in San Antonio, Texas
Sujan Shrestha, PhD Candidate, Environmental Science

3. Concept Mapping in “Clapham Sect” Sermons and Anti-Slavery Discourses
Ryan Butler, PhD Candidate, History

4. Visualization of Vegetable Prices in Indonesia
Iwan Njoto Sandjaja, PhD Candidate, Electrical & Computer Engineering

5. “Until the sea give up its dead”: Visualizing Shipwreck Narratives and Mining Religion in the Rothsay Castle Steamship Wreck of 1831
Alicia McCartney, PhD Candidate, English


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2018 DRIVE Scholar Presentations

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