Free tool to analyze Facebook metrics for marketing research, optimizing social media use, and understanding

Click here to navigate to the Facebook Group Analyzer on GitHub.

This Jupyter Notebook will download the Facebook posts on a group or fan page, along with the numbers of comments, likes, and shares for each post. Bar charts are created providing overall and monthly social media metrics for conversation rates, amplification rates, and applause rates.

Without access to commercial social media analysis products, the Baylor Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Program pulled together this script in an attempt to satisfy the increasing need for Facebook content and metrics.

An extra-special thank you to Max Woolf for his fantastic tutorial How to Scrape Data From Facebook Page Posts for Statistical Analysis ( Significant functions from the tutorial are included here with only small adjustments.

Contact us for assistance using this tool! You will need the open source Python 2.7 (Anaconda distribution is advised as it contains all the libraries you will need as well as Jupyter Notebook.) This software is pre-installed on all Mac laptops available in Moody Library TechPoint Desk (

Baylor Libraries – Facebook Group Analyzer

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