Project Title: Social Work Asset Mapping

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Description: Demonstrate how Reference USA business directory can be used for social services asset mapping before conducting a windshield survey. Designed for SWO 5375.01 Advanced Practice I: Community Practice course.

Researchers Involved:


  1. Download 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) data by Census block group data from IPUMS NHGIS.
  2. Download various social services organizations, places of worship, and other business types by Primary SIC code from Reference USA for McLennan County, TX.
  3. Used the Bing mapping API through the GPS Visualizer site to geocode the listings.
  4. QGIS application used to buffer the business locations by 10 feet in order to be able to merge them with the block group polygons.
  5. Used the ‘merge shapefiles to one’ function within QGIS to combine block group shapefile containing variables and business location buffers.
  6. Build visualization within Tableau.

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Social Work Asset Mapping

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